New Release Provides Hands-On Resource for Grieving Children

Grief support is often focused on parents, offering little to siblings. A new release written by a mother/daughter team, Melinda and Ashlin Grace Gordon, offers children experiencing grief an outlet to express their feelings in their own way. The Story of Hope (Redemption Press 2016) came out of the Gordon family’s loss six years ago of their newborn daughter, Hope Abigail (“Abby”), who had trisomy 18 or Edwards syndrome.

“Ashlin was seven years old when she lost her baby sister,” says Melinda Gordon. “Because of her quiet nature, she didn’t express her feelings freely. At age 8, nearly a year after Abby’s death, she wanted to help other kids who had lost a brother or sister.”

The mother and daughter team says this resource will open up talking points between the parent and child and help parents gauge the feelings of their children. “When young children grieve they may not have the maturity or vocabulary to express their feelings,” says Melinda Gordon. The Story of Hope offers alternative options to benefit healing such as writing, coloring, drawing, praying, and pictures. Children can point to, circle, or talk about expressions on the emotion scale that best fits them. Coloring pages include open-ended questions to prompt discussion. Written for children ages 3-8, the book is also intended for parents and caregivers to young children.

The Gordon family also founded Abby’s Gift, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to providing support and resources to families with a terminally-ill or critically-ill child, often on end-of-life care (

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