Lowerping.xyz introducing a new LowerPing App To Improve Online Gaming Experience by Reducing Ping

“Lowerping – Improve Online Gaming Experience by Reducing Ping”
An App to Reduce Online Gaming Ping and Lag Issues

The new Lowerping.xyz app will greatly enhance gamers’ playing experience by lowering annoying ping. It is designed to reduce ping by up to fifty percent, ensuring that your online gaming is free from frustration.

Ping is the time it takes your computer and the online game server to respond, and is generally measured in terms of milliseconds. If your ping is 100 ms, this is the time that it takes for your computer to respond when another computer makes a request. Thus, the lower the ping the smoother your online gaming experience will be. When the ping is too high, say around 1000 ms, you will experience problems such as players suddenly disappearing and appearing in another spot. It is particularly frustrating when you are playing games where a quick response is crucial, such as racing games, action strategy games, or first-person shooters.

You can test your ping using online speed testing programs. A ping of less than 20 ms ensures the best gaming experience while a ping of 150 ms and above will result in a very noticeable lag when you are playing. This will affect your performance and put you at a disadvantage against other players, even if you have the fastest gaming PC or laptop.

Not only can Lowerping greatly reduce ping but also improve your gaming performance by removing latency and delay. You’ll get a smoother gaming experience and more accuracy when playing your favorite competitive games such as DOTA.

There are many reasons behind a huge ping. One major reason is the physical distance between your computer and the gaming server. The farther away the server, the higher the ping will be since your computer will have to be routed to several connections before it is connected to the server.

Another issue is the infrastructure of the Internet service provider. The typical Internet connection forces several people to share a single connection. Unfortunately, when there is improper throttling, one slow connection can result in everybody else’s connection slowing down as well.

There are many simple solutions that you can try which may reduce ping. For example, you should close all programs that use up internet bandwidth such as VOIP and chat services programs, before you start to play. These programs can cause ping by eating up bandwidth.

You can also switch to a wired connection rather than a wireless connection that uses a router. If you are using a router, try resetting it and your modem, or move them to an area with better ventilation since they may be overheating.

Ping may also be caused by the online game having to pass through your firewall before it gets to your network. You can solve this issue by adding the game to the allowed list of the firewall. You should also do this with your antivirus program. In addition, you should turn off the automatic updater of your antivirus software, since increased lag may result if it should start downloading updates while you’re playing.

If you have tried these fixes and you are still experiencing high lag, use Lowerping. It is already available for download at http://www.lowerping.xyz.

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www.lowerping.xyz is an app that is available to download now which can reduce online ping by as much as 50% to ensure a smooth online gaming experience.

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