Igaraa Presents Anthony Avery \”Breaking Free\”

“Designed to celebrate the Arts in Worship, it is a noteworthy achievement created to give honor and recognition for talent, relentless hard work, dedication and commitment by members of the independent artist community who are active in ministry and are a”
IGARA is a networking hub that was created to be the main source to reach and distribute multiple resources within the Independent Gospel Music industry.

IGARA is proud to welcome Anthony Avery to the IGARA Family and announce the release of his heavenly masterpiece “Breaking Free” on all major digital outlets.

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“Anthony Avery will definately be a name that you will remember” said Pastor Keithl Powell.

“I am very excited about being an extended distribution service member of IGARA” said Anhony Avery.

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The Independent Gospel Artist Radio Alliance (IGARA), is comprised of radio stations, shows, music producers, record labels and other industry executives, who have come together to form a network that supports and promotes Independent Gospel Artists worldwide.

We recognize that the only way the Independent Gospel Music industry can grow and thrive is by coming together and networking with one shared goal. In sharing this goal, we help the artist by introducing them to more outlets that will play their music, venues that will give them a platform for public exposure and businesses that support independent artists, thereby strengthening the Independent Gospel Music Industry on all sides.

IGARA is a networking hub that was created to be the main source to reach and distribute multiple resources within the Independent Gospel Music industry.

About Anthony Avery

Anthony Avery is an independent artist in the DMV Area. He was born in Camp Springs, MD. during his youth he lived in various places ranging from Maryland,New York, to New Mexico due to family. Exposure to different locations and cultures helped him to have a very wide taste in music as well as an open view on life and people. He soon began studying music at the age of 10 and since has sung with various choirs,groups and ensembles as well as worked under the leadership of some great names in gospel music. In greatest musical inspiration is Dr. Wesley Boyd one of the original Richard Smallwood Singers who first introduced him on a serious level to gospel music. As an adult he has sung with various groups,choirs and artists most notably as the director and co-founder of Voices of Praise Gospel Choir based out of Morgan State University. Having spent most of his life “learning by living” he has found a very unique message that hits close to home. He strives to reach the Christian that doesn’t always quite fit the mold of your usual church goer or the traditional worshiper. Through his eclectic sound he hopes to reach those who share a strong passion and love for God and all of his people.

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