How Sales Development Representatives Help ‘Close the Deal’

OppSource Software Gives SDRs the Tools They Need

ST. PAUL, MN – 18 Nov, 2016 – The sales profession has always been celebrated by catch phrases like “closing the deal.” In today’s ever changing and increasingly competitive marketplace, however, sales development representatives are getting their share of attention as their skills are increasingly in demand.

That makes it even more important to make sure today’s sales development teams have the tools they need to get the job done, according to sales development software maker OppSource.

Salespeople are often the faces of a company, but sales development teams are the unsung heroes digging up leads to increase the salespeople’s chances of success. Salespeople have more of a chance of increasing conversions if they have more prospects waiting in their pipelines.

Sales development representatives’ role is to develop sales-ready leads and prepare them for salespeople. In other words, their job is to stuff that pipeline full of valuable leads to increase the salespeople’s chances of closing those deals.

How important is this role in a sales team? Consider these statistics gathered by inbound marketing and sales blog Hubspot. On average, nurtured leads produce a 20 percent increase in sales opportunities when compared to non-nurtured leads. Companies nurturing leads make 50 percent mores sales than companies not nurturing leads, and at a cost that is 33 percent less.

Sales development teams do the hard prospecting work to contact leads, make sure they are a good fit and then connect them to sales teams. Their sole focus is to increase the flow of truly sales-ready and qualified leads into the pipeline and nurture and prepare other leads that may not be quite ready as quickly and effectively as possible. Today’s technological advances and data-driven world give them access to a vast wealth of information that they can use to accomplish their task.

The important question to ask is if they have the tools they need to complete that task. Consider if skilled carpenters were given a hammer instead of an air gun in today’s world. They would be at a huge disadvantage. The same goes for sales development representatives whose main goal is to search, contact, and have engaging conversations with prospects.

OppSource’s sales development software provides the tools and automation that sales development teams need to deliver results. OppSource built its PursuitPro™ software from the ground up to tackle the workflows associated with keeping the sales pipeline full of sales-ready leads daily. New leads are triaged and scored to determine the priority of pursuit. The software can be set up to direct where certain leads should go, including directly to field sales representatives when certain criteria are triggered.

Imagine if a sales team had the ability to engage with a prospective customer exactly when the customer expresses an interest in what the business is selling. PursuitPro alerts sales development representatives when a prospect is engaging with digital content and enables them to more perfectly time their outreach in the prospect’s moment of interest.

PursuitPro’s powerful TouchPlan™ management system takes the guesswork out of organizing the pursuit of the right prospects at the right time. Sales development representatives can create and manage actionable prospecting workflows by organizing and color-coding TouchPlans into moment-of-interest, lead generation and lead nurturing workflows to make sure their addressable market and assigned territories are fully covered.

A fully integrated content library provides sales development representatives with clickable content they can embed in their email campaigns, creating powerful moments-of-interest that trigger the most ideal engagement with prospects. Real-time analytics give sales development teams insight into what is working and what isn’t so that they can optimize their performance.

PursuitPro integrates with all popular marketing automation systems including Eloqua, Marketo, Hubspot and Pardot by SalesForce. It can also be integrated into and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

PursuitPro is the tool that sales development representatives need to deliver prospects to salespeople eager to close the deal.

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