Shenzhen Jingmin Digital Machine Divulged Possible Intellectual Infringement Issues

In the wake of incidents of losing traffic due to algorithmic flaws and copyright infringement, Shenzhen Jingmin Digital Machine Co. Ltd recently revealed shocking copyright infringement issues on Baidu Search Engine.

While online reputation management and traffic generation are the two biggest challenges businesses around the world face now, Shenzhen Jingmin Digital Machine Company Limited recently suspected they are losing traffic and business due to algorithmic flaws and some unscrupulous competitors existing on the market. The owners of the virtual reality interactive entertainment manufacturer from China recently talked at length about possible intellectual infringement that may have affected their business.

Since the high-end interactive equipment manufacturer enjoys great reputability not inside China, but in overseas markets as well, the company wanted send a strong and bold message to their investors and buyers in China and around the world.

“The search market is getting increasingly crowded and every other day, a new business is coming up. We invest really big in search engine promotion and marketing, but recently we have seen that some search engines such as Baidu unduly help some of the unscrupulous companies that put on a false front to mislead our customers. We have evidence of Baidu redirecting our traffic to less trustworthy business website. As this is a matter of grave concern for us”, Mr. Andy Yang, one spokesperson on behalf of Shenzhen Jingmin Digital Machine Company Limited told the press while showing search result screenshots to the press correspondents.

Mr. Yang also underlined during the press conference that “Galaxy Trademark” is the registered trademark of the company, but complained that some search sites are redirecting traffic to fake websites of unscrupulous companies. The company, according to the executive, sees it as a condemnable act of copyright infringement and stressed that they may take further steps to counter the issue of copyright infringement in the legal way.


“If the issue persists and if all our complaints fall on deaf ears, we may have to think of taking legal actions against the search engines and unscrupulous competitors. However, as of now, we are keeping our faith in the fairness of the competitive world of internet commerce and we simply want to warn our investors and stakeholders about these issues”, added Mr. Yang.

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Company Name: Jingmin
Contact Person: Andy Yang
Country: China