Crazy Georgia Business Man Flies Around The Country Non-Stop to Rack Up Frequent Flier Miles

ATLANTA, GA – 11/21/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Beginning on November 28, 2016, corporate entertainer, speaker, and frequent traveler Michael Spremulli is doing the insane. He will embark on a voyage around the country without a specific destination in mind. Spremulli is making an end of year mileage run for the sole purpose of acquiring enough miles to earn Delta Airlines elite status for 2017. While he has completed mileage runs in the past, this year is different. Spremulli is turning this epic journey into a contest.

“Let’s have some fun! The person with the closest guess of total miles flown during this year’s run will receive a $100 Amazon gift card. Ties will end in a random drawing,” said Spremulli. “I’ll be posting photos, videos, and even the occasional update from 30,000 feet at”

Some Delta Airlines elite status perks include complimentary first-class upgrades, bonus miles, free checked bags, and priority boarding. “Anyone who regularly flies for business will tell you that even the smallest amenity will make your travel life easier. Knowing that I won’t have to fight for overhead space is a big relief,” said Spremulli.

A frequent flier, Spremulli offers these mileage run tips:

  • Check your math. Be 100% certain that you know exactly how many miles you need to accrue and that your route will cover this amount. This usually involves a phone call to the airlines.
  • Research your route options thoroughly. Run multiple comparisons of destinations and dates. Sometimes just flip-flopping the order of destinations can have a dramatic impact on the ticket price.  
  • Make it fun! Since you are flying anyway, you may as well take the opportunity to check out an interesting restaurant, museum, or donut shop you’ve always wanted to experience.

Previous mileage runs have taken Spremulli to Anchorage, Alaska, Dallas, Texas, and Yakima, Washington. When asked about this year’s route, tight-lipped Spremulli let this slip, “While the sky’s the limit, I’m keeping this run within the contiguous 48 states. That is the only hint you’ll get out of me!”

Visit to follow Spremulli’s travels and enter to win a $100 Amazon gift card. The route and duration of the contest is top secret. Early entries are encouraged as the contest can (and will) end without notice.

About Michael: Michael Spremulli ( is a corporate entertainer, speaker, personality profiler, and donut aficionado. He’s in the business of predicting human behavior. Many have said that he knows people better than they know themselves. Michael is available for immediate interview in-person, by phone, or Skype.

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