Partiac App Offers a New Way to Experience Nightlife in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES, CA – 11/21/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — As more and more bar, restaurant and night club concepts try to capture the hearts and minds (and wallets) of their target audience, it becomes more and more important to understand their clientele. Nightclubs, restaurants, lounges, and all that lay in between are using analytics and related concepts and technologies to better understand their the people who walk through their doors. Analytics can be a valuable tool in understanding and identifying trends — both within the four walls of your establishment and also in the industry at large.

Analytics have been a hot topic in many realms of the public consciousness, quite famously in sports such as basketball and baseball where algorithms are believed to give teams and clubs an edge over the competition. As convenience continues to remain king, apps seem to be omnipresent today. Apps such as these make it easier and easier to effortlessly navigate a night out in the most complex of cities. Nightclubs can use tools like these to gain an edge over other establishments by keeping track of demographics, collecting data about peak hours, age groups, as well as male-to-female ratios.

One such method for businesses and consumers to interface with each other is called Partiac. Partiac is an app available for download that can put a wealth of knowledge when it comes to nightlife at your fingertips. Information like age demographics, happy hour, how many people have interest in a venue and how many have actually shown up is available at the press of a button. Users are able to find out where the best deals are and make informed decisions from there.

In this day and age people seem to look more and more for a curated experience, where they can know ahead of time about the ambience of a place in order to make their selection. More and more people like to be “in the know”, especially when it comes to cuisine and entertainment.

“It beats making somebody stand at the door with a hand tally counter to find out what nights and what events are getting you the most draw,” says Mike, a lounge owner in Silver Lake. “It’s an easy way to see if your happy hours are effective and drawing the right amount of regulars and new faces. It’s also the best interface to raise awareness about daily specials and special events.”

Apps like Partiac are recognizing the need for people to be informed in order to make the best decision, even in the realm of where they decide to eat and engage in recreation. More and more areas of food, hospitality, and entertainment are becoming transparent to the consumer, where guess work and the shot in the dark, a once mighty relic before the information age, has become a thing of the past.

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