Direct Processors shows consumers and small business how to guard against fraud

EMV chips are designed to help merchants from fraudulent transactions. EMV has more protections for the consumers when used properly. There are still several areas where merchants and consumers need to guard themselves. 

Right now, less than 50% of all merchants are using the EMV dipping technology.  There are several reasons why larger merchants are not dipping instead of swiping.  Most of those reasons have to do with time of transactions.  As of December 2016, there is scheduled update which will cut the EMV chip transaction time in half and make it manageable for the big box store to start dipping instead of swiping. 

Two types of fraud are occurring with greater regularity.  One is application fraud, where the criminals use fake or stolen documents to open an account in a victim’s name.  Businesses that offer value cards, or instore credit card applications must be especially vigilant.  Many businesses do not protect those types of applications carefully. After entering data into to a computer they throw these applications the trash.  This is where many thieves have taken information from the trash and turned them into fake applications.  Businesses should purchase and use a micro cut paper shredder available in the market.  This type of shredder is impossible to recreate by computer program at the present time.

The Industry has seen a rising problem with the account takeover fraud.  This is where thieves use personal information, such as an email address to gain access account.   They then change the password and all the communication settings.  This essentially locks out the rightful owner of the account.  The rising value of identity theft makes this a huge problem.  On the black market you can buy access to an Uber account for $3.78, a PayPal account with a guaranteed $500 balance sells for $6.43, but a credit card number is worth a measly $.22 cents.

Merchants and individuals need to protect themselves from all forms of identity theft.  Do not open emails from people you do not know, buy a micro paper shredder for home and office, and monitor your credit reports on a monthly basis to see any discrepancies that may pop up.

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