Himlight Trading Company Provides High-End Furniture to Customers of Vancouver

Vancouver, CA – Recently, Vancouver’s own Himlight Trading Co. Inc celebrated fifteen years servicing their community. Thanks to their extreme dedication to their craft, they don’t believe that they’ll be going anywhere any time soon. Himlight Trading Company is known for drawing back repeat customers, and keeping those customers satisfied. They want to help customers by keeping them as knowledgeable as possible concerning the type of furniture they’re after, then finally, on whatever piece they decide to buy before they buy it.

Due to the nature of the business, most stores and comparable outlets don’t last anywhere near as long. Most stores don’t see repeat customers, are subject too many refunds and exchanges, and are forced to pay a third party a portion of their profits, which causes them to raise prices. Many have fled to the confines of the internet to look for furniture, which unfortunately leaves you completely in the dark as to the true nature of the product you’re buying. Bartering on user-based websites for furniture can save you some money, but leaves you with low-quality, broken, and often unusable furniture. Himlight Trading Company breaks all of these rules.

Consumers love browsing through Himlight’s expansive showroom. There, they can inspect potential furniture firsthand, gain an accurate sense of the furniture’s durability and aesthetic, and decide after further investigation if it’s going to work for their home. Right now, Himlight is changing the way consumers look for mid-modern century furniture. They have a variety that no store can rival, and after 15-years in the business, they’ve picked up on every trick of the trade that can help them service their customers as perfectly as possible.

It’s not just the selection that has customers returning to Himlight Trading regularly, it’s the entire experience. Some places will leave their customers feeling bewildered, overwhelmed, and pressured to make a decision. At Himlight, they think their furniture speaks for itself and offer only prime customer service, unbeatable prices, and a selection of Mid-Century designed products, reclaimed wood furniture, and other high-end, stellar furniture like no other.

If you’re one of the few people left in Vancouver who hasn’t yet discovered the fastest growing furniture outlet in the community, it may be time to check it out. Himlight Trading Company proudly totes their years of experience and standout prices, but the most obvious indication of their service comes from regular customers, like William Yang. “Great services, next day delivery, and the owner made a follow up to ask if everything was fine. I would recommend Himlight Trading Company to anyone who is looking for a good deal and a good selection.”

Contact Name: Nathan Himelfarb


Media Contact
Company Name: Himlight Trading Co. Inc.
Contact Person: Nathan Himelfarb
Email: info@himlighttrading.com
Phone: 6042542671
Address:1599 Venables St., V5L 2G8
City: Vancouver
State: BC
Country: Canada
Website: http://www.himlighttrading.com/