Amazing Virtual Reality Platform Arrives on iOS and Android

For far too long virtual reality developers have ignored iOS devices, but that changes with the new Lignum system from Remoria VR which is available on iOS as well as Android devices.  This immensely powerful new platform offers unprecedented responsiveness and control through its cross compatible controller.  This robust manual controller operates with less than 10 ms latency, allowing you to operate a drone or video game in real time.

In addition to recognizing the precise orientation of the controller, the Lignum system recognizes 24 motions via its accelerometer , granting you a new and immersive way to interact with objects in the real or virtual world. At the heart of the Lignum controller is an inertial measurement unit that uses highly sensitive sensors including compass, gyroscope and accelerometer to precisely track your motion. This Bluetooth based system is also designed for long periods; you can use Lignum for up to 15 hours without recharging.

The developers at Remoria VR also intended for its platform to be conducive for third party development.  That is why they have made available fully documented references enabling other developers to easily build on this robust platform.  Lignum adopters can expect premier games and apps in the future.

Lignum has already been a popular hit in Europe, but it is poised to sweep the U.S. market. Lignum will first be available through a Kickstarter campaign. You can reserve your own Lignum controller set, along with perks like micro USB cable or Lignum DEV KIT I.  To learn more about Lignum or to order your own set, please visit

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Company Name: Remoria VR
Contact Person: Marco De Falco
Country: Italy