Opening wine corks gets easier this holiday season with futuristic Eden Rabbit Wine Opener

New-age Eden Rabbit Wine Opener Set assures to help in opening wine corks in just two simple moves just like a pro with no fuss of twisting and turning. It’s made with durable ergonomic and food-safe materials

Pardess Hana-Karkur, Israel, November 21, 2016: As the fall sets prelude to the gala holiday season ahead, everyone is stacking up the celebration wine bottles. However, the usual struggle to open the cork spoils half the fun here. But not anymore, Creative wine connoisseur couple Eli and Shany Malkiel is soon to launch their unique Eden Rabbit Wine Opener Set on Amazon that makes is easier to open wine bottles in no time, just like a pro.

The Wine Opener Set is packed with all necessary tools, including a lever-style futuristic corkscrew with easily replaceable worm & foil cutter- accompanied by a free e-book with expert wine insights. The product is set to be launched next week, just in time for the holiday celebrations.

“As wine lovers ourselves, we understand your struggle with the cork with regular cheap corkscrews. Not only they make opening the bottle an ordeal but also run the risk of pushing the cork in bottle or smashing it, ruining your wine forever. But you can bid adieu to all such fuss this party season as we are soon going to bring you a breakthrough wine opener set. Backed by a unique edgy mechanism, our Rabbit wine opener that will enable one to remove the cork safely in single piece, with just a couple of easy moves. This holiday season onwards, you will be saved from wasting your party time in twisting & turning hassles”, smiled Eli while introducing their new-age launch.

The state of the art wine opener corkscrew and foil cutter set speaks of durable, food safe and eco-friendly materials like stainless steel as well as zinc alloy and ABS. Both the side panels feature ergonomic silicone gel pads to ensure a firm and comfortable grip while the edgy hidden corkscrew eliminates risks of unpleasant accidents & injuries.

“This exclusive wine cork opener is the answer to the lack of a good quality and easy to use solution for removing wine corks. It’s made with stainless steel and other robust & safe materials to ensure unmatched longevity & hygiene for the users. And yes, you just buy our opener once and it would last a lifetime and you have a wonderful heirloom here to pass on to your children for their holiday time. With cork opening getting easier than ever, you can now enjoy your favorite glass of wine anytime, fuss free”, added in Shany.

The Eden Rabbit Wine Opener Set will come up in an elegant gift box which makes it a much coveted present for the Christmas gifts or any other special occasion.

“We promise you a completely 100 percent risk-free shopping with us. We assure to stand behind our products and it comes with a grand lifetime warranty.”

To know more about Eden Rabbit Wine Opener Set and to place your order visit Amazon today!

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