Parenting gets easier this holiday season with new-age Luliey baby goodies on Amazon

NY-based childcare brand Luliey has arrived with a vast and versatile range of practical baby stuff on Amazon for the new parents like baby bib, car seat protector, kick mat, diaper bag, stroller organizer etc.

Monroe, New York, November 21, 2016: Nothing compares to the precious feeling of welcoming a new bundle of joy to home but with it comes the responsibility to buy a magnum list of everyday items. But shopping for your little one is to get simplified this holiday season, leading childcare brand Luliey has arrived with a huge practical range of great baby stuff on Amazon to make parenting wee easier from now on.

The NY-based brand promised convenient baby stuff for both at-home needs and while on the go.

“We are here to make parenting breezier for you with our broad scale of functional and premium baby goodies on Amazon that will ensure a fulfilling shopping experience for the new moms & dads. From products to help while feeding the baby to taking the little one out in the nearby park to driving right to the granny’s house for the weekly visits, we have all the necessary baby stuff to ensure an easier life for both the parents and the little one”, smiled a leading spokesperson from Luliey.

Founded in 2013, Luliey has come up with cool Baby Roll up silicone bibs that will keep the baby clean while feeding. Made with half silicon & half-fabric, it comes with a convenient “roll up” feature that will help one to carry it easily in purses or the baby’s diaper bag. The spokesperson also mentioned about their versatile diaper messenger bag with multiple pockets that makes room not only for the diapers but for other essentials too like the baby’s favorite teddy, feeding bottle etc.

“Luliey is your one-stop solution when you are wheeling with your baby in tow. We have got a great waterproof car seat protector in luxe PVC leather finish that would safeguard your car seat from the sudden baby pukes, spills, mud and other messes. Designed with protective foam-core, it carries mesh pockets for handy storage and is extremely easy to install & use.”

Another spokesperson informed about Luliey’s baby kick mats that can be placed on the back of the car’s front seat to protect the upholstery from the tiny shoes. Thanks to its 2-layered fabric make, this kick mat is way more durable compared to regular mats in the market. With 3 compartments, the mat will double up as a cool organizer and it’s easy to fit with adjustable strap. There is a lifetime guarantee with the Luliey kick mat.

“We have even got sunshades to protect the tender eyes and skin from the sun while the little one is travelling with you. And when you are planning a walk with the baby, our stroller organizer would be your BFF as it will enable you to carry all the important baby stuff in an ordered manner in one bag. It’s equipped with 4 packets and its adjustable strap makes it really handy to strap it with the stroller”, added in the second spokesperson.

Luliey has also come up with an adorable dutiful fashionable designed stylish baby bag purse.

“Our inventory would be amazing whether you are planning to shop for your own child or your bestie’s baby shower.”

To start your baby shopping from Luliey, visit WWW.LULIEY.COM.

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