Winter is a Good Time to List and Sell Properties at a Great Price, says Kreiss Realty Group

Marlborough, MA– This winter home owners in Massachusetts can look forward to striking better deals with their properties. Considered by many to be a low season for home sales, winter is actually the time homes can be sold quickly and at higher rates, the Kreiss Realty Group has revealed.

As a much sought after real estate group, Kreiss Realty Group has built up an impressive portfolio of sold properties in Central Massachusetts. The geography currently runs low inventories with an active seller market. Since most sellers prefer the spring days to list and offer house visits, it is during winters that limited choices lead to higher price tags. This makes winter an ideal time to list, with lower competition and buyers who are more likely to close the deal in this time of the year.

Central Massachusetts is where all buyers look around for niche properties, whether family friendly, spacious and expansive for growing families, or offering comfortable accommodation in picturesque suburban, tree lined streets. For Kreiss Realty Group, the actual buying and selling is only the transactional aspect of the much larger, life transforming decision that goes with buying or selling a house. The real estate agent has helped thousands of sellers arrive at accurate prices, with personalized guidance throughout the sale. The group has set new benchmarks with its thorough research and trusted knowledge and experience in the complex real estate market.

“Home owners often underestimate the actual requirements of buyers. Fancy decorations such as new roofs, beer tap systems on granite counters or expensive wet bars, or fish aquariums do not necessarily increase a property’s worth if the buyers aren’t inclined to pay more for them,” said John Kreiss.

With deep insights into the minds of buyers and sellers, Kreiss Realty Group keeps the requirements of its clients foremost throughout the deal. “We believe that if you’re not left with an amazing experience, we haven’t done our job,” said John Kreiss.

Jose and Maria, who recently acquired a property through Kreiss Realty Group, said, “They were very responsive and diligent. They also give a good amount of advice to ease the buying process, which is even more important.”

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