Knil launches a revolutionary platform for personalized web curation

Knil is a newly launched platform which provides the users a personalized web experience. The users can follow any topics that matters to them and get the most important news, posts, videos, facts, events, and more..

The Internet is growing exponentially with millions of websites posting new information everyday. It is almost impossible for anyone to keep up with the most interesting information that matters to them. Instead of visiting everyday Cnn, The New York Times, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Wikipedia, YouTube, EventFul, Imdb.., you can simply ask Knil to selects the best of all the websites you love.

Knil is starting the service around popular categories such as celebrities, sports, headlines, products, interests, brands, hobbies where you can pick the topics that most matter to you. In one place you can follow, for example: Katy Perry, Lakers, Us Elections, PlayStation, Yoga, Nasa and practically everything you want.

This results in saving much of your time and effort in filtering yourself the relevant information from the vast information available on the internet. The content is selected from the most relevant websites, blogs, newspapers, magazines, television networks, social media, forums, sharing platforms for the users, based on their chosen topics.

Knil presents to the users what they want to see. It is basically a personalized web curator which has not been provided by any other service yet and is expected to gain popularity among the internet users. More information about the website can be found on their official website.

Contact Details

Company: Knil

Name: Benoit Goldenberg

Phone: +972542278200  



Country: Israel 

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Company Name: G Media Inc
Contact Person: Grace Williams
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