Jason Hubble, Lie Detectors UK Polygraph Specialist, In The News Again

UK – Jason Hubble, a member of UK’s most prominent polygraph and lie detection services, Lie Detectors UK, was featured on Global News Canada.

The segment was a commentary on a recent study conducted by University College of London, whose findings suggested that good liars become so by means of their brains’ slowly adapting to show no variance in the commonly physical indicators associated with lying.

Jason Hubble, a Lie Detectors UK polygraph machine expert technician, thinks otherwise, though. Having years of experience in conducting lie detector and polygraph tests, Mr. Hubble was shown during the segment to conduct a lie detector test to one of the show’s journalists.

According to his expert opinion, which is backed by the thousands of tests he himself, as well as Lie Detectors UK have conducted, liars cannot hide that easily.

Of the bodily manifestations of lying, Mr. Hubble said “We can test you without you answering yes or no, as your body answers for you”.

These “answers” one’s body provides include an increased heart rate, sweating, heavy breathing, as well as involuntary emotional responses.

Mr. Hubble, like all members of Lie Detectors UK’s elite staff, Mr. Hubble is fully qualified to conduct lie detector tests in London, other areas of the UK, as well as in numerous European and international locations.

Following a strict moral and ethical code, Lie Detectors UK professionals have assisted both individuals and businesses for meet their needs.

Lie Detectors UK’s staff members are always available for media appearances, willing to showcase their expert skills and provide valuable insight into the science behind lie detector tests.

To learn more about Lie Detectors UK, please visit: https://liedetectors-uk.com/ and www.liedetectortest.guru

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