Author, Motivator and Speaker J. W. Neal Announced The Launch Of His New Self-Help, Motivational Book

With a commitment and passion to inspire others to raise their impact and go after their dreams, motivational speaker and author J. W. Neal recently launched his new book – “Ain’t Nobody Really Happy at the Bottom…Except Catfish.” In his new book Jim Neal exhorts readers on a path to burst through their preconceived limitation, toss off the confining heaviness of temporary setbacks, and to define success on their terms.

Jim believes that most people have resorted to living an average mediocre life after being encumbered by the various limitation society and people put on themselves, which prevents them from going after the success they are fully capable of attaining.

Talking about the common preconceived limitations people find themselves under, Jim said, “Everybody wants to achieve success in their lives both personally and professionally. But how do you achieve success when you live in a society that bombards our minds and experiences with negative thoughts, “put-downs”, and an energy that says stay where you are…you do not have what it takes…”

These negative thoughts and limitation can have serious implication on both the personal and professional life and attitudes of people so they end up choosing to lead an average life and never realizing their true potentials. Changing attitudes and beliefs is an essential part of bringing positive change that leads to success.  Jim has condensed over four decades of personal and professional lessons into a proven plan to alleviate guilt and frustration in the achievement of goals. Personal and professional stories, research and experiences have been skillfully weaved into the book to teach by example. His wish is to touch lives and guide readers towards a personal journey that leads them to becoming “all they can be.”

The plan can be broken down into 3 distinctive parts: forget the powerful weight of the past, Focus on the empowering prospects of the future and forge ahead in the present.

About: J. W. (Jim) Neal is a lifelong learner of Human Achievement. What began as a desire to be the best basketball player possible led to a life of sales, sales management and Agency building. Spending well over 35 years in the sales field experiencing, training and watching himself and others ebb and flow in the sales cycle. For more information about Jim and “Ain’t Nobody Really Happy at the Bottom…Except Catfish” please visit:

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