Holyoke, MA – 11-21-2016- LUCY LIU, an Emmy award winnerActress and Star of the Hit Television series Elementary; stars in Nómadas a female filmmaker struggling with her father’s suicide. Due to recent events, she decides to take up the issue of subway suicides as the subject of her next film, and maybe find some closure for her own recent and tragic loss.

McGee Media, LLC is utilizing the film Nómadas, starring Lucy Liu, as one of the perks for their Indiegogo campaign. With the must polarizing election in History almost over, join McGee Media LLC and Lucy Liu we wants everyone to vote, and to also want everyone to find alternatives to fighting or committing acts of violence after the vote counts are in

“We all can use some stress release and relief, and with your help to back McGee Media LLC’s campaign, you can do just that. Simply buy Nómadas for $20.00 on DVD through the Indiegogo campaign and receive special feature, the President Street Fight Video Game app for free. Then, you can have fun and take out your frustration out on either candidate long after the election is over – in the virtual world and not the real world.” says Tim McGee, founder, and owner of McGee of Holyoke.

Between the Republican and Democratic National Conventions leading to the election Gamers so caught up in the 2016 Presidential Election they want to take out their aggression on someone. NOW is the chance to release their latent and blatant anger on Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton with a new phone App called – “PRESIDENT STREET FIGHT.”

Tim McGee further says, “There has so much controversy and violence surrounding this political season, I felt it was important to help people exhibit some anger management by playing my game.”

This app will be a great way to pass the time – particularly during the hot button debates that get people in an emotional tizzy to the point where they need to find an alternative. Instead of showing their anger, using their thumbs on a virtual screen may do the trick.” Gamers who want PRESIDENT STREET FIGHT may have it for free by buying a $20 Trump or Clinton T-shirt to Original Artwork from the project ranging in prices or prints and DVD on dehumanizing experience of immigration titled Nomads starring Lucy Liu all on Indiegogo

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If you are not into buying the film itself, there a number of Election 2016-themed T-shirts, created by McGee Media LLC’s. Please join our campaign today!

The purchase of the movie will help to fully complete the two games, with one that is in Beta, for Gamers, to regular voters that can now take out their frustrations over the most controversial Presidential Campaign in American history to the controversial decision in sports.


McGee Media, LLC is an animated company. While in Atlanta, McGee worked with a number of people from the industry, from a retired VP Executive at Turner programming with other animators in the industry.

McGee began to branch out into the web-based media and video games, apps and programming and continues to work in this area. McGee, while creating a beta demo game to star Lucy Liu, he began to discover just how many people were upset with congress and the poor job they were doing. He then turned his attention to this subject matter and developed a number of game demos, one being DC-Bout. In the end, McGee created Presidential Street Fight which is almost ready for prime time.


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