SwiftConsumer Reveals its Top Tankless Water Heater Picks for 2016

Paul Cooper, editor-in-chief at SwiftConsumer, reveals the site’s top tankless water heater choices for this year.

With the winter season fast approaching, people are finding themselves in need of expert advice on what kind of heater to invest in. Many aren’t aware that tankless water heaters are an energy-efficient, practical option, which is why Paul Cooper, editor-in-chief at SwiftConsumer, has published a guide on his recommended models for 2016.

“People are wasting a lot of money simply by having an old heater that takes ages to warm up the water in its tank”, Cooper said. “Going tankless is the future, and we’re here to make sure that consumers have the upper hand when faced with so many new choices.”

The guide featured on SwiftConsumer is structured in a way that is easy to follow, yet provides readers with the most pertinent information on choosing the adequate heater for their budget, climate and living space. Each model is thoroughly reviewed, its features and possible flaws are mentioned, and the author gives a brief summary that makes it apparent whether said model is a good choice and what kind of consumer will benefit most from it.

Cooper goes into detail about the various advantages and disadvantages of electrical and gas-powered variants, explaining how factors such as climate and plumbing can affect a heater’s efficiency in a negative way. Readers are made aware of the hazards of installing a gas-powered heater in a poorly ventilated space, as well as the output constraints electric heaters are prone to. There’s also a handy comparison table that showcases various heaters’ basic characteristics in one place. All of this contributes to forming a deeper understanding of the reviewed products and smarter buying decisions grounded in reality.

SwiftConsumer aims to educate the public about current trends in plumbing and air conditioning. Apart from water heaters, users can find well-researched, practical guides on water filters, portable air conditioners and other appliances that help make living conditions more temperate and enjoyable. Giving readers access to ample information as soon as it becomes available makes SwiftConsumer a valuable source of knowledge on the subject. The site is regularly updated, growing its knowledge base through own research and input from the community.

For more information, Cooper can be reached by phone at +1-617-427-3962 or by visiting www.swiftconsumer.com online.

About Us: SwiftConsumer offers free, comprehensive guides for customers on the lookout for good heating or filtering apparatus. It looks at various features and price brackets of different models, making it easier for the consumer to make an informed choice more quickly.

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