MumTrends Features its Detailed Steam Iron Buying Guide for 2016

Sarah Hill, the editor-in-chief at MumTrends, has published a guide on the steam irons mums and others should purchase this year.

Keeping themselves and their families presentable and clean is something most people take for granted. An essential tool that helps people accomplish this is a good steaming iron, and in order to make consumers’ lives easier, Sarah Hill, the editor-in-chief at MumTrends has put together a guide featuring the latest models and their characteristics.

“People are tired of seeing basically the same commercial that promises too much without really showing anything”, Hill remarked. “We are trying to look beyond the steam and show our readers what it is they can truly expect.”

The guide itself can be viewed at MumTrends and showcases most of the major brands and their current models. Effort has been put into eliminating products whose standards weren’t high enough for Hill’s rigorous testing process and in the end only a select few made the cut.

Each model is presented in a non-biased way that focuses more on its practical application than on hard data most consumers would either not find interesting or not know what to do with. Instead each product’s strong suits and weaknesses are explored, and a small conclusion offers the editor’s advice on how best to use the given iron and who should consider buying it.

The guide is structured in an intuitive way that helps visitors find the type of product they need quickly. An overview table is present and highlights each iron’s key features as well as its relative cost, making comparison at first glance easy. The text itself is divided into three parts. The first two consists of product reviews grouped together by price into premium irons and less costly but still effective ones. After this the reader is made aware of some additional aspects of buying a steam iron, making their choice more informed and better suited to their given situation.

MumTrends in general strives to inform the public about various maternity and domestic products in a conscientious and straightforward manner. Other than steam irons, interested readers can find guides for similar products such as baby carriers and monitors, and even electric steam mops. Hill goes beyond that however, periodically updating the site with articles that help readers get a deeper understanding of various goings on when it comes to products catering to mothers and home life in general.

For more information, Hill can be reached by phone on 01339-530221 or by visiting online.

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