November 21, 2016: There are eight pillars to dominating in brick-and-mortar’s new “Golden Age” according to Infinity Marketing Consulting. These are utilized to help businesses grow intelligently through today’s ever changing times. More will change in brick-and-mortar businesses in the next 5 years than in the last 50 years. The businesses that take advantage of those changes will grow and profit the most. According to J. Lee Davis, the owner of Infinity Marketing Consulting, there will be booming businesses in 2020 that don’t even exist today thanks to applying the eight pillars.

The eight pillars listed by Infinity Marketing Consulting are designed to help all retail stores. Much of this involves using modern methods of marketing combined with modernized traditional staples such as extraordinary customer service, inventory monitoring and online and offline store showrooms.

Infinity Marketing Consulting suggests businesses find the growing niches that more likely to be successful. These niches include such things as baby care, specialty foods, sporting goods and pet care, to name a few.

Building a successful team as your business grows in critical to the long term success of a business. Hiring a person based on how they fit is more important than hiring someone based on their IQ.

Customer service in the modern era has changed as more consumers want to be catered to. Traditional customer service alone won’t be enough. The consumer needs to be made to feel special, something sorely lacking in today’s marketplace.

The next consideration is to stay ahead of the pack when it comes to new trends. Businesses are encouraged to think about what they can do in the next few years with regards to projected changes that will take place in their industries.

Knowing one’s customers is an especially critical point. This relates to knowing where people go when online and what they might do when looking for new online experiences.

Never forget that it costs more money to get new customers than it is to retain existing ones. Therefore, there is a strong focus from the business on ensuring that existing customers will stick around and continue to support a business.

Infinity has been making an impact in brand and retail sales since 1992 and understands that there are many variables that go into growing a business. The eight pillars of development are being highlighted by Infinity to help business owners grow their business more intelligently.

About the Company: Infinity Marketing Consulting provides brands and retail businesses one-to-one consulting on an as needed basis, not just once a month, to help them find solutions to grow their business.

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