About The Maintenance of Intelligent Airwheel R5 Electric Assist Bike

There are so many electric bike brands that dazzle people’s eyes. Among them, Airwheel is the one that attract the attention and win applauds, for its high quality and good performance. As the first electric assist bike and third e bike in Airwheel, R5 was born unique.

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A growing number of people getting acquainted with Airwheel R5 electric aided-bicycle, the maintenance needs to be strengthened in daily use, in order to only to ensure a good performance and bring a safe and efficient trip to riders.
Airwheel R5
1 Newly purchased Airwheel R5 electric assist bike should be adjusted in good condition, if there is any question, please refer to the aftersales staff.
Airwheel R5
2 The adjustment method of the brake is the same as the ordinary bicycle. The key is not only to be able to brake effectively, but also to release the brake without block (otherwise it will consume a large amount of electric energy) and make sure the brake power off function is effective.

3 To replace tires, it is the same as ordinary bicycle. Due to the rear wheel hub and circuit, riders need to pay attention to the lines and press the two screws in the rear axle. The torque of the rear wheel is recommended ≥30N.m, the front wheel ≥ 18N.m.
Airwheel R5
4 Have a maintenance and a comprehensive examination every 800 km. check whether Airwheel R5 citizen e-bike’s front and rear wheel screw is locking, check whether the pattern of cover tyre is worn; check whether the tire pressure is appropriate, the drive system is smooth, and each part of the joint is normal: check whether the brake line zip-fastener is used in lubrication. And inject suitable amount of lubricant to the central axis, the front axle, rear axle, flywheel, fork, rotating parts and brake wiring. 40# oil and butter as a lubricant are recommended.
Airwheel R5
5 In the use and maintenance, if you find that you cannot solve the problem, please contact the aftersales staff. Unauthorized demolition of Airwheel caused the failure and damage, is not in the company’s free warranty.

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6 When Airwheel R5 Smart E Bike is used for a period of time, it should be requested professional or designated service station for a comprehensive inspection and adjustment to ensure the comfort, safety and normal service life.

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