Manthan Advisory to Offer Smart Content Consulting for Technology Firms

London, UK, November 21, 2016 – Manthan Advisory, a boutique consultancy firm which, since 2013, has specialised in helping financial and technology firms implement, and benefit from, cutting edge innovations in business management and customer engagement, has today announced it will expand into smart content consulting for companies with a current internet presence and those seeking to establish one.

Smart content overturns the conventional one-size-fits-all business model for online delivery, in favour of a tailored experience, based on personal analytics, allowing each user to have a bespoke and evolving experience informed by their individual preferences. Platforms like Google Adwords and Facebook’s newsfeed have shown the power of smart content in its ability to strengthen customer enjoyment and engagement, and in its revenue enhancing capabilities.

Manthan Advisory CEO Vineet Chauhan said “The World Wide Web is one of the great wonders of human ingenuity, but until recently the potential has been under appreciated, with businesses treating it simply as a global storefront.  We are now witnessing, however, the birth of a new stage in development of online engagement in which, instead of passive sites which serve up the same content to every visitor, smart content allows a user’s experience of a site to grow and change as the user herself does.  Online engagement with smart content means that your online experience becomes less about a trip to a store and more about a journey with a close friend”

Citing the example of, an online auction platform for fine art in which Manthan have invested, Chauhan said “Smart content is already helping Arteby’s by serving several clients and potential clients – each with vastly different backgrounds, levels and even areas of expertise – with information and products that intrigue customers by tapping into their individual needs and interests.”

To facilitate this expansion, Manthan will be working closely with developers already versed in smart content, as well as seeking to expand their own in house teams to better utilise the technology.

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