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There is a piece of good news for the readers of romance! Right now, Olivia Long’s collection of love stories is available on all sites! This entire collection features all of the best tales of love.

These days, with people becoming a lot more expressive, few writers of romance have touched the hearts of the readers. One such writer of mushy love and romance, who stands tall, is the writer of ‘Bookish’- Olivia Long.

Olivia Long’s magic lies in giving expression and weaving exceptional tales of love and steamy romance. There are six delicious love stories that feature in this book set. Here is a preview of The Olivia Long Collection book set that is available for just 99 cents for a limited time!

Books that feature in the bookset:

  • Bookish: One of the hottest best sellers is Bookish by Olivia Long. What happens when a nerdy girl, Aubrey Britton meets the hot Isaac James? This and the fact that they both lust for each other turns the whole life of Aubrey upside down. Bookish holds a strong position in the Top 15 overall ranking.
  • Three Way: The story of a young and fresh girl in town, Margot Wellington, who gets involved with Ryker Montgomery, and his life of crime, and his twin brother Quinn Montgomery. Circumstances force Margot to choose between Ryker and Quinn. What does Margot do – forms the plot of Three Way.
  • Irish: A superstar UFC Heavy weight champion, Knox O’ Connor is at the crossroads when he has to get married at the earliest to save a clincher of a multi-million dollar deal. Lennox Bishop is skeptical when this supposedly brash champion asks her hand in marriage. Is he genuine with his proposal? Has he completely fallen for her yet is what makes Irish the top-notch bestseller also featuring in the Top 15 overall ranking.
  • BOSS Brothers: Riley Bennet is a beautiful girl who faces a dilemma when she has to work under Maddox and Gunner Boss – the two handsome sons of her stepfather. The Boss brothers are vying against each other to fight for this bold young woman, Riley.
  • A Baby for the Bad boy: A young responsible nurse Linden Walker, who has an ailing father to take care for, falls head over heels for Dominic “Dom” Carter. She knows well that he is brash, and with hardly a care for the world. Would he care for her love, forms the plot of this novel.
  • Harder: The Olivia Collection also features Harder, a novel about a single mother on the run, Brooke, who wants to start her life all over again. Will she find true love from the billionaire, Caleb?

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The Olivia Long Collection by Olivia Long is one of the best buys for those who love to read tales of romance and mush. Get your boxset now for just 99 cents.

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