Crochet Hooks Set Manufacturer Announces New Stock in Time for Black Friday/Cyber Monday

Popular Crochet Hooks Set Returns to Amazon

In a statement today by popular Crochet Hooks Set manufacturer Classy Catz they announed that new stock of their fast selling 9 piece crochet hooks Set had arrived in warehouse and would be available for the upcoming holiday shopping days of Black friday and Cyber Monday. The manufacturer had been taken by a suprise surge in orders and had sold out of their Amazon stock.

A spokesperson for Classy Catz commented, “We are pleased to announce that our restock has been completed before the two most popular shopping days of the year. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are traditional Christmas shopping days and there isn’t a better present for the crochet lover than a new set of chochet hooks. We are also extremely pleased that we have received such a favourable reaction and were caught a little in the surge of sales for the crochet set. We will be better prepared in the future to make sure all our customers are able to get a new set of crochet hooks and we don’t run out of stock again.”

Classy Catz is the manufacturer and sole distributor of The Classy Catz Crochet Set. The set comprises nine color coded aluminium crochet hooks in a range of sizes between 2 and 6 mm. The soft grip ergonomic adjustable handles make for an easy to use experience for both beginners and experienced crochet users alike. The set is packaged in a carry case which also includes a row counter and 20 pieces marker set.

The Crochet Hooks Set has been a popular purchase on the Amazon retail platform and has maintained an 80% 5 star rating including a Vine Voice reviewer who said,

This is a wonderful set. I bought it on whim because I tried a rub handled hook from another company and decided to get a whole set. I love the scissors that come with the set. This will be really easy to stow away on road trips! My only complaint is that these are shorter than the Boyce hooks I haved used for years. It was hard at first for me to get used to the shorter length of these but once you learn how to move your hand, you won’t really think about it.”

The spokesperson continued, “We would also extend to everyone our seasons greetings and here’s hoping for a stress free shopping season. To all our customers new and old, Happy Thanksgiving and a very merry Christmas”

The Classy Catz Crochet Hook Set of 9 aluminium crochet hookswith ergonomic adjustable handles, sizes 2-6 mm in a travel carry case along with a 21 piece accessory kit, row counter and 20 piece markers set is available exclusively on Amazon USA. The set also includes a free baby dragon pattern.


Classy Catz are manufacturers and sole distributors of the Classy Catz Crochet Hook Set. The set may be purchased from Amazon USA. For more information please visit the Amazon Page or join the community on Facebook at

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