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The Time Bomb Vapors Edition myJet Express Kits & Pre-Filled Pod Packs come in 4 unique flavors to enjoy with a sleek and user-friendly device.
The next generation device for all nicotine users looking for an entry level product with a compact, well built & elegant design offering the highest quality in flavor selection has arrived! The Time Bomb Vapors Edition myJet Express Kits & Pre-Filled Pod Packs collaboration with Time Bomb Vapors and the Wismec/MyVapor’s family combines an ultra portable, convenient and effective plug and play system without skimping on quality manufacturing or premium flavor.

Time Bomb Vapors created by Buckshot Vapors Inc. is a Premium E-Liquid Brand that has been on the market around the world since 2013. Developed in Southern California, Time Bomb Vapors was the second line released by Buckshot Vapors Inc. with the idea that every flavor should be able to be enjoyed time and time again. Through quality manufacturing and unique marketing, Time Bomb Vapors quickly became one of the top brands in the vaping industry, offering users their favorite flavors in 15 mL and 30 mL bottles to be used in open vapor systems.

WISMEC may not be a name you’re familiar with now, but they have been on the inside track of the vaping industry for a very long time. Their staff includes some of the finest research and development minds in the industry as well as highly trained and extremely talented product designers. WISMEC is also known for their ability to co-brand and collaborate. Without both WISMEC & myVapors the myJET would not have been possible. Established in 2011, myVapors was born in the mecca of the vaping industry in Southern California, where they’ve maintained a renowned reputation for providing their customers with the most up-to-date, grade-a products, and unparalleled customer service. MyVapors and Wismec’s collaborative effort to create an ultra portable, convenient, and effective ecosystem has resulted in the MyJet, a plug and play device that positions itself as one of the smallest devices available today.

Once WISMEC & myVapors realized they had a device that stood above the rest, they looked to partner with an equal in the E-Liquid department to release a product that would give consumers not just an easy to use and sleek device, but also something that they enjoyed using. One thing missing in current grab and go nicotine delivery systems was the availability of premium flavors that thus far experienced vapers have enjoyed. The Time Bomb Vapors Edition myJET Express Pack & Pods system is an unrivaled first in next generation nicotine delivery systems. A one stop shop for consumers who want an ultra portable plug and play device with the best there is to offer in quality flavor selection. 

Consumers can choose from four premium flavors including TNT (strawberry, apple, peach), TNT ICE (strawberry, apple, peach, menthol), PIXY (sweet grape) and MANIAC (creamy vanilla). Each Time Bomb Vapors Edition myJET Express kit includes two sets of filled pod and atomizer system, with each pod featuring 1.2 mL of one of the four Time Bomb Vapors Flavors selected for the device. Each Time Bomb Vapors Edition myJET Pod Refill Pack includes five filled pods, with each pod featuring 1.2 mL of one of the four Time Bomb Vapors Flavors. All five of the pre-filled pods will contain the same flavor in one pack. The MyJet features a draw activated firing mechanism, eliminating the need for a physical button. In addition, a full protection suite is integrated onboard, with Atomizer Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Low Voltage, and Low Resistance Detection. Perfect for entry level users and individuals looking for the most compact travel device offered by a collaboration of the largest device and e-liquid manufacturers in the industry. The Time Bomb Vapors Edition MyJet Express Kit is a well built, elegantly designed starter kit that experienced users will also love thanks to its compact design.

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