New Supplement Review Site Offers a “By-the-Science” Look at Your Supplements

Montgomery, IL—Supplement Science, a Montgomery-based online supplement review service, has gained rapid popularity amongst the health, exercise, and nutrition community. The website seeks to help users understand what exactly they are putting into their bodies with a “by-the-science” explanation about what various ingredients are intended to do for your health. 

With so many workout supplements on the market, it can be difficult to stay informed on exactly how different ingredients can affect your body in various ways. Not to mention, when you look at the ingredients list of your dietary supplement, it can be long with many scientific terms that the average consumer may not recognize. However, knowing how different hormones and supplements affect your body is extremely important to your health and fitness. Especially when you have specific goals, like recovery, muscle growth, weight loss, or overall nutrition, it is important to understand how these ingredients are functioning in your body so that you can gauge their effectiveness.

Supplement Science strives to break down the science behind these ingredients so that they are easy to understand. On their website, Supplement Science hosts in-depth product reviews and scientific explanations of some of the most popular workout supplements, including testosterone, creatine, protein, BACC’s, and various vitamins. In addition to general reviews and ingredient explanations, the website also provides useful tips about what supplements are most important pre and post workout and why.

One client, TJ Lastres, says he would recommend the Supplement Science to anyone who is serious about their fitness, commenting, “Supplement Science makes it really easy to understand what you are putting into your body and how it is supposed to help you meet your goals”. Another client, Katie Summers, also left a positive testimonial for the website, explaining, “Supplement Science helped me choose the best brand of whey protein for my body. Now that I understand how the protein rebuilds muscles, I will never forget to take my post workout shake.”

Since the company’s launch, the website has already helped countless consumers increase their awareness of various ingredients and gain a deeper understanding of the effects that they can have on your body. The website essentially serves as a hub of all the important information about ingredients, products, and brands needed to be an informed supplement taker. With the latest push in the fitness community towards awareness and conscientiousness, it is no wonder that Supplement Science has gained an enthusiastic following for their expert reviews.

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