Bubi Bottle 2nd Generation~~Made from BPA-Free Silicone

Yoga is not only lifting up our inner spiritual healing, but also creating creativity and business adventure. After losing his job and a tremendous amount of failed job hunting, Craig Madaus – the inventor of Bubi Bottle- turned into his long lost passion, practicing yoga. Yoga has saved him from desperation in his career turmoil and shed him some light. Exercising patience and building up positive energy around his body and soul has given him a hope in his life.

MIAMI, FL – 11/21/2016 /EASY NEWSWIRE/ — It was not until Craig went into dehydration everytime after his hot yoga session finished. He would keep buying water bottles to satisfy his thirst, and brought the remaining bottle in his bag to his next job interviews. It was such a hassle having a bulky plastic water bottle sticking up in his portfolio bag. He thought of an idea of a collapsible portable water bottle. This was when the idea of having a collapsible portable BPA free Bubi Bottle was born. With the help of a friend, the first prototype of Bubi Bottle was done. However, after several months making sure Bubi bottles were produced correctly and had their first US patent awarded, they were ready to launch.

Bubi bottles are not just another silicone based water bottle. They are made out of high grade BPA free & microbial free silicone, which make them resistant to both high and low temperature. Bubi bottle is microwavable and freezable. You can even heat your water up on a camp fire. They can be used as dry storage as well, from storing detergent or spices at home to your phone while you are at the beach or pool –thanks to the air tight feature on their caps. Bubi Bottle has a medical benefit too. Muscle and arthritis sore can be relaxed by having warm or hot water inside Bubi bottle and put it as a compress on the sore area. Kids and toddlers love our mini 14 oz Bubi Bottle as they are squuezable and colorful. The collapsible design on the bottle also helps develop their motor skill. Kids and toddlers can practice their motor skill by releasing the bottle from it’s metal ring and roll it back up, and twisting the caps on and off.

The first generation of Bubi Bottle was a huge hit in the market. People love their simplicity and portable design. Bubi bottles are easy to store on-the-go. However, the first generation was not perfect. The body of the bottle would sweat and the bottle could not stand straight up without flipping the caps down. It would fall over. So, after spending several months researching, Craig has perfected his Bubi Bottle. The 2nd generation was built using a matte version of the same high grade BPA free and microbial free silicone to reduce the sweatness, the bottom was redesigned so it will stand straight up and would not tip over. He added double seal cap technology to ensure leak proof and air tight.

Now, the 2nd generation Bubi bottle is currently in a limited production. We have started to take delivery on the first few hundred pieces for quality control –and they look and feel AWESOME!!! These new Bubi Bottles are available only on Kickstarter https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/245455559/bubi-bottle-second-generation-made-from-bpa-free-s Please check it out and support this project. Craig would love you to spread the words that this bottle was the fruit of clear mind by practicing yoga in a difficult time.

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