GoneNotGone Announces the Release of www.GoneNotGone.com

HOUSTON, TX – 11/22/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — GoneNotGone, LLC is delighted to announce the release of www.gonenotgone.com.  GoneNotGone has been designed from the outset to deliver messages on special events after the subscriber has passed away.  This may give Grand-parents a special way to remain in the lives of their Grand-children without being there.

Messages will be delivered on an event selected by the subscriber, such as a birthday.  The messages may include audio, video or photos and can never be accessed before delivery is due.  A recipient can always see the messages intended for delivery up to the current day, but never those destined for future delivery. A recipient can turn off notifications for a while if they would rather not receive the messages.

The idea is not to be a memorial, but a way to bring happiness in the future so that someone is not thinking, “I wish I could hear Dad’s voice again”.  Messages may be funny, motivational or spiritual, all down to relationship and recipient age.

It takes 5 minutes to open an account and set up your first message, not all messages need to be set up at the same time; just come back when you have time.

The latest release includes handling of pdf files to bridge the generation gap where more mature users prefer handwritten notes and the younger generation wants everything digitally, just get the notes scanned to pdf and upload as a picture.

GoneNotGone is COPPA compliant.

We welcome all feedback as we evolve the site through user feedback.

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