Galt Strategies Grows Water Company Profits 400%

GRAND PRARIE, TX – 11/22/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — Galt Strategies is a business consulting turnaround specialist. Their passion is building self sustaining companies that finance their owner’s dreams. And Galt has not disappointed. With an average of 300% to 400% growth in companies they have contracted with, Galt discovers why the company is failing or, if flat lined, why the company is not growing. From there, they create systems and organizational structures that allow exponential growth to erupt.

Galt’s recent relationship with the company, Crystal Clear Concepts, is on track to be yet another story of unusual success. Crystal Clear Concepts is a water company based out of Grand Prairie, Texas that specializes in complete water filtration systems for homes. The owner, Austin Ford, believes that every person should have affordable clean water to drink. He has created a company that is doing just that for hundreds of home owners in the greater Dallas, Fort Worth area. His strategy is based upon the simple premise, “Seeing is believing”. By doing free water tests for home owners to help them actually see the bad things in their water, he has motivated countless people to invest in his high quality clean water system.

When Galt began working with Crystal Clear Concepts in October of 2015, Crystal Clear Concepts was positioned to grow significantly. It had the right owner, the right product, and the right mindset to grow beyond their wildest dreams.  Even though profits were coming in, the company did not have the right systems and organizational structures needed to experience their growth potential.  The company was working out of a 300 square foot office, affectionately called “the shoebox”. They only had 5 employees, 1 manager, and their sales team was making an average of 5 sales per week.

As Galt began implementing its growth strategy, some amazing results were realized in the first twelve months of this working relationship. Crystal Clear Concepts moved out of “the shoebox” into an 1,100 This was short lived in that the growth became so significant that it was necessary that they move again in November into a larger 7,500 sq.ft.facility.

Galt moved their call center operations in house by the first of January. Because of this move coupled with improved marketing, the sales force doubled a month later. By May 1st, the dispatch operations which were conducted out of Houston, were moved in house creating two new positions. Because all departments grew exponentially, the managerial staff had to increase as well. Therefore, a general manager was hired, an installation manager, a sales manager, and a call center manager. The number of employees grew from 5 to 35 and the sales team tripled. Speaking of the sales team, their 5 sales a week grew to its present average of 25 sales per week.

So, what did all this growth in personnel and infrastructure do to the bottom line? According to the company’s latest Profit & Loss report, gross income doubled from January to February of 2016. It doubled again by June of this year. Amazingly, through this partnership of Galt Strategies and Crystal Clear Concepts, gross profits have increased 400%.

Does it pay to have a turnaround, growth specialist help a company that can’t seem to get off the tarmac so it can to rise to the level of its growth potential? Just ask Crystal Clear Concepts. I think they would say to any company wondering if it’s right for them that numbers don’t lie. If you get the help of those who know their stuff and are willing to change to accommodate growth, you may become the next great success story that those in the business world talk about for months, even years, to come.

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