Why the travel packing cubes CENTEZA?

USA – 11/22/2016 (PRESS RELEASE JET) — I have decided to write up the arguments for our shift towards using Amazon and its very good ProClient eShop.

Services provided by Amazon are client friendly, as well as me and my team have always kept the slogan “the customer is the king”. Since I expect 100% services, 100% product, 100% quality and 100% facilities I find it self-evident that if I personally work in the service sector I will provide my clients with the same things. This has been my lifelong feeling.

Me and my teammates have been offering interior design services and their realization, including the workmanship, for more than 20 years. It takes us many times to a client‘s place outside our hometown headqurters. There we take care of him for a couple of hours and not once we have to stay overnight. To provide full services means to be empathic to the client’s needs and meet their expectations the same way we ourselves would like to be approached.

Hence, it results in further education, participation at the conferences, seminars and multiple-day ongoing exhibitions.Whether we want to or not, we are still, to a certain extent, on the go. Having been younger we dealt some things easier, however, we have found recently that a set of common plastic bags for sorting the travel things is a good option. It helps dividing our best clothes from dirty garments, shoes, sweaty T-shirts and leggings after jogging or wet towels and swimsuits after having a swim in the pool (where we often finish a hard working day). Moreover, over the years we have been given travel cubes for packing of different brands, colours, sizes, advantages and disadvantages. Yet, why should we have in our suitcases plastic bags and other cases of a “motley crew” style, if, even in the suitcase it could look neat and tidy like in the living room?

So we thought of arranging issues in the suitcase in a more comfortable and sorted way, which would be also nice to look at. We designed a collection of travel packing cubes (2 packing cubes medium,1 mesh bag, and 1 toiletry bag), which we personally prooved. Our friends always sharpen their eyes when they see the set, because of its attractive colour, material pleasant to touch, and last but not the least, they have a long lasting good experience with our company in other branches of our scope and it gives them a guarrantee of our developing something great and useful.

There was not a long way from the idea of travel packing cubes to Amazon, and therefore, we hope that it will serve you well just as it serves us.

We are looking forward to your feedback, incentives for improvement and requests 🙂

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