Tony DUrso and Mike Saunders, with Higher Purpose Publishing, Launch Search for Entrepreneurs to be Featured in New Book Project


Higher Purpose Publishing and Tony DUrso (host of Revenue Chat Radio) begins the search for Entrepreneurs to be included in their upcoming book project that will benefit The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary in South Africa.

Mike Saunders President of Higher Purpose Publishing confirmed they have officially launched a Nationwide search for Entrepreneurs to be featured in the upcoming book, “Revenue Chat Presents: Elite Entrepreneurs—Learn From Experts. Model Their Success.”

Explaining the search process, DUrso said, “This is an important book for us, so we’ll be reaching out to a select group of Elite Entrepreneurs we feel are true advocates for the success of their customers and community, while at the same time committing to spread the word about a great organization like The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary.”

Higher Purpose Publishing has pledged 100% of the royalties from the retail sales of the book to be donated to The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary.

Scheduled for a January 2017 release, “Revenue Chat Presents: Elite Entrepreneurs—Learn From Experts. Model Their Success.” will spotlight each of the Elite Entrepreneurs selected from this search, sharing their insights and real world experiences.

DUrso said, “This book is more than simply discussing sales, marketing and successful actions of our Elite Entrepreneurs. The Elite Entrepreneurs we select are passionate about helping their customers. They will answer the most common questions and bust the myths and misconceptions so many people have about sales, marketing and leadership. The book,  ‘Revenue Chat Presents: Elite Entrepreneurs—Learn From Experts. Model Their Success.’ will cover sales, marketing, leadership and successful actions that took these experts from zero to the pinnacle of success in their field—a lot information that is rarely talked about.”

DUrso went on to describe the book as, “a powerful resource for startups, entrepreneurs, and small to mid-size business owners who want and need to achieve consistent high-level revenue that takes them up several notches in their business growth regardless of common obstacles such as skillful use of social media networks, increasing employee loyalty, improving customer service, adding revenue streams, and bolstering customer retention to name a few; despite common business headaches such as insufficient revenue flow, too many projects to complete, as well as a being in a very competitive industry.”

With several industry leaders expressing interest in participating, Higher Purpose Publishing is expected to make an announcement revealing the final selections by Dec 15, 2016.

However, DUrso asserted, “One of the reasons we launched this search is because we didn’t want to go the route of filling this book with the stereotypical ‘experts.’  This search would be unnecessary if that was the case. We anticipate a lot of exposure around this project, for both The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary and the people we select to feature in the book, so we really want to showcase those Elite Entrepreneurs who are actually in the trenches, working hard every day and willing to share that experience to benefit a great cause. That’s what will make this a win-win-win project.”


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