Wireless Headphones by Just Active – How Do These Exercise Earbuds Compare to what’s out in the Market?

“Forget about wires and other sounds, just your music and workout for hours and hours”. 

This is a simple message from Sofia White, Head of Customer Care at Just Active, the upcoming health, fitness and technology brand, which has just launched its wireless earbuds for sports available exclusively on Amazon.

The exercise earbuds are aimed at active users including runners, cyclists, gym goers and anyone undertaking exercise.  However, the earbuds are designed to provide superior comfort and therefore can be used by anyone whether travelling or doing chores at home using the hands free device.

Sofia White provides other quotes below to sum up the features of the Just Active wireless earbuds.


“Get Secure and Comfortable”.

The Just Active wireless headphones use specifically designed horn shaped earpieces that distribute pressure evenly across the ear to facilitate greater comfort and allow the earbuds to be worn for longer without discomfort.  The horn shaped earpieces can easily and conveniently be locked into the ear (between the anti helix and the concha) and be fully secured in place ensuring they will never fall out during exercise.  The combined comfort with secure fit feature is unique and unrivaled.  There are three silicon earpieces included to suit all sizes, even for those with small ears.  Many other headphones use either an over the ear construction or an in ear construction that does not provide the same level of comfort or fit. 

“Dust and Damp Proof while you Move”

The Just Active wireless earphones have a premium build that is dust and damp resistant.  Combined with the tangle free wire there is additional durability for the active user.

“Remote Control with Built-in MIC”

The Just Active design places the controls on a conveniently located control bar on the tangle free wire rather than on the headphones themselves.   There is a twofold reason for this.  First, as the headphones are aimed at active people, this design ensures maximum focus on running and exercise without needing to push buttons on the earpiece disrupting the fit and the activity at hand.  The controls are large, simples and light and can be used even whilst wearing gloves.

Secondly as the control bar includes a built-in microphone, this is located closer to the mouth to enhance the caller experience.  Furthermore the headphones are equipped with 4K ultra clear calls and 6th generation CVC noise reduction, effectively reducing surrounding noise and providing echo cancellation enabling even clearer calls. There are 3 super simple and convenient buttons on the control that allow volume control, pause & play for music playback, skip forward and backward for music playback and answering and rejecting of calls.

“Give your Workout some Extra Juice with these Extra Loud Earbuds”

The wireless earbuds provide an immersive listening experience, with crisp highs and natural sounding lows, consistently balanced at any volume to provide true HD sound quality without being to overpowering.  Also, if required the earbuds can reach a significantly louder volume level than most competitors.  

“Complete Compatibility”

The Just Active Wireless Earbuds use the latest V4.1 technology and can connect effortlessly with any Bluetooth enabled device, two at any one time over a straight range of about 50ft.  The earbuds have a USB port that allows the earbuds to be easily charged within an hour approximately.  When fully charged the earbuds provide 180 hours of stand-by time and 5 to 7 hours of play or talk time.

“Premium Feel at Exceptional Value makes the Perfect Gift”

The Bluetooth headphones hold a premium feel to the touch and are available in black with gray, blue or pink colors.   The wireless earbuds are available on Amazon for under $40 for a limited period.

Sofia White of Just Active explains: “With the Just Active Wireless Sports Earbuds

you will get a pair of premium quality earbuds without the premium price.  We aim to provide our customers with excellent quality at excellent value.  Our exercise earbuds are comparable in terms of build quality, comfort, fit and sound experience to other high-end brands.  In addition we offer a money back guarantee and warranties on all of our wireless earbuds.  Additionally there are currently fantastic promotional offers available on Amazon.  Go ahead and give your loved ones the gift their training deserves.  Or make those boring jobs fun again as you wear these wireless earbuds whilst getting through chores at home or at work.  Also remember to check out some of our other gear, also available with fantastic offers such as our awesome reflective running vest”.

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