Chatwoo offers ‘Commenting System for Websites’

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Chatwoo offers ‘Commenting System for Websites.’, making it easier for visitors to join the conversation

Chatwoo offers ‘Commenting System for Websites.’, making it easier for visitors to join the conversation.Your website is not complete without Chatwoo Live Help and Commenting System. It keeps your visitors hooked, gain interest and catch visitors full attention. Chatwoo tools enable secure communication in real time between businesses and their visitors.

Features offered include:
Login with Social media accounts like Facebook and Google+
Analytics showing pages receiving maximum comments
Easy to integrate with WordPress.
Comments load at faster speed.
Website remains responsive with chatwoo commenting system
Filters for spam control and efficiently manageable by admin panel.
Threaded comments
Comfortable visitors commenting
Allows external CSS customization
Free to use and ready to integrate more features as per users suggestions.

About Chatwoo:
Chatwoo is a part of Star cpwebhosting P. Ltd. working on to develop a set of technologies to rate and review web hosting companies.They are currently monitoring 100 million websites for and collecting stats for the 40k hosting companies worldwide with various parameters which includes:

  • number of clients
  • number of customers lost
  • uptime’s & downtimes
  • site speeds
  • popularity based on traffic
  • data from social media and overall sentiment analysis.

The company deals with “Managing Reputations.” The company develops and research online systems which understand and support for clients, as well as try to influence their opinion and behavior. Websites, which includes:Travel Portals:,, and much more

Online Visitor’s Tracking and Communication System:

Hosting Review and Recommender Systems:

Technology Magazines:

Hosting Services:

The company offer services, to businesses and voluntary organizations.

Core skills are in developing and maintaining goodwill and understanding between an organization and its public. The company conduct research to find out the concerns and expectations of an organization’s stakeholders. Role is varied and will depend on the organization and sector.

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