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A Natural Approach for Nasal Congestion
Made in the USA, Stuffy Nose Strips are New and Innovative Nasal Strips that Go On Cheeks not over Sore Noses to provide instant Drug-Free relief to Nasal Congestion due to Allergies, Colds/Flus, Deviated Septum and Sinuses and also provides Snoring relief. Based on a proven medical technique used by ENT’s our strips stay on throughout the night, are easily removed and do not leave a sticky residue. Featured on HBO our Eye Black Performance Strips Athletic version are available for Athletes.

Stuffy Nose Strips are the next generation of Nasal Strips that go on your checks not over your Nose. Unlike most brands our strips stay on throughout the night, are easily removed and do not leave a sticky residue. 

Based on a Proven Medical Technique to open the Nasal Passages, Stuffy Nose Strips go on the cheeks, not sore noses, and work by gently pulling the skin to the left and right of the nostrils to pull open the airways. These innovative Nasal Dilators provide a natural drug-free approach to increasing airflow and provide instant relief to due to Allergies, Colds/Flus, Sinus Issues, Deviated Septums and Snoring.

With Millions of people suffering everyday from some form of nasal congestion that adversely impacts their daily lives people will try anything to find relief. As a result, there has been an overwhelming demand for innovation in this important space that provides natural drug-free relief.

Determined to find a solution and relief for their own nasal congestion, the Founders of Stuffy Nose Strips decided to take matters into their own hands. After years of research and development, a Doctor and an Entrepreneur discovered a new and natural approach to relieve nasal congestion using Nasal Strips. 

This technology is also available in an Athletic Version called Performance Strips. Performance Strips (Featured on HBO Hard Knocks) work in the same manner to open airways for athletes but this application also protects eyes from the glare. Worn by athletes of all sports including cross fitters, marathon runners, as well as NFL and College football players. Performance Strips are in NFL locker rooms and recommended by trainers. 

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