Star Investor Shares Insights on Economic Outlook

Terence speaking at one of his events.
Will the banking boohoo by Wells Fargo affect income investors? How will the presidential election affect stock markets? Prominent investor Terence Tan shares his insights on how these major events could potentially affect investors worldwide.

He is the creator of the first and only Income Investing Programme (Income Mastery Programme, or known in short as IMP) in Asia Pacific. He is Chief Investment Strategist of Giants Learning Technologies, a leading personal and professional training centre in Singapore. He is also Founder of First Traders Network, a company dedicated to helping people reach their financial goals.

Prominent investment Speaker Terence Tan is showing no signs of slowing down despite his heavy involvement in a multitude of events.

In a rare exclusive interview, writer Kianmin Teo has the privilege of catching up with the prominent investment speaker, also known by many as ‘The IMPossible Investing Coach’.

How long have you been in this industry?


Terence: I’ve been an investment trainer for over 10 years now. I’ve been investing in stocks for around 16 years.  13 years in stock options, futures and commodities. Around 10 years in forex. I started out as an investment manager for a local hedge fund company before deciding to come out on my own.

Wow, that’s a significant amount of time dedicated to investing. I’m sure it hadn’t been a smooth ride, as with most successful investors. What kept you going, specifically as an investment speaker?

Terence: As a trainer, what keeps me going is knowing that I’m able to help others like myself gain a stronghold of their own investment portfolios. It heartens me to know that people are able to take full control of their own money after going through some of my strategies. I always believe in the motto ‘nobody cares more about your money than you do.’

There are so many stock investment trainers and speakers in Singapore. What makes you unique?

Terence: I guess what makes IMP so unique is that IMP is created based on street gathered and tested knowledge. We have gone through, over the years, the massive trouble of making mistakes and losing money from bad investments. One does not need to go through all of this again. He or she may go straight to the methodologies that we’ve crafted based on our experience and become the IMPossible Investor that we have today. Just imagine the amount of time saved.

To top it all, our learning methodology also allows one to learn at his or her own pace, while giving the participant much needed confidence boost where necessary. Habits, after all, are formed over time. The same applies for investing habits. 

The IMPossible Investor produces trader-like returns using investor-like methods. It never ceases me, even today, to see how such a feat is possible in the stock market with our methodology.

The strategy that you employ – is it for the long or short term?

Terence: It comes with a long term focus but short term income creation capabilities.

What are your thoughts on the banking boohoo by Wells Fargo? Do you think it will affect income investors?

Terence: Mainstream financial institutions are always going to do what is required to ensure the bottom line for their own group of investors. So if you think parking your money with them is the best thing you could do for yourself, then be rest assured that aside from your money perhaps being safe in the bank, there is nothing much else the money would be doing when it comes to growing.

What are your thoughts on the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election?

Terence: It is just another event that is going to pass us by. Day by day, the mainstream media continues to hurl “headlines” at us – headlines that they hope would garner the most viewership. Paying attention to these so called news would allow them to strike fear or greed into our minds. What follows then is usually decisions that we would otherwise not have made under rational circumstances. One must realize, the hats of these President-Elect will change once they are in office. And even if they decide to stick to their original cause, they will never be able to bulldoze their way through congress. Such is the world of U.S. politics.

The focus should be to ensure how your investments may continue to produce income for you while capital gains become the “side effect” of your investment process. This way, no single event will be able to destroy the investment machine you have created for your investment portfolio. This also allows you to achieve the IMPossible. 

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