Kyzook: mobile platform that instantly connects travelers with area experts launching in 8 countries

New mobile app helps travelers customize trips by getting live advice, without the need to read endless reviews

Today, Kyzook announces its official launch on December 1st, 2016. The mobile platform allows travelers to connect instantly with experts via text chat, audio, and video communications. Over 100 travel professionals and area experts are already on board to provide instant, unbiased, pertinent and up-to-date information so that users can easily find the best places to stay, eat, visit and create unique experiences at their travel destinations. No more reading hundreds of irrelevant reviews from people who are just as new to a place from the dozens of travel websites available, users can now download the Kyzook app on the Apple iOS and Android store, or at the official website, and start chatting with experts about their next destinations.

“We want to put the fun back into travel. We have created Kyzook to help travelers use instant mobile technology to connect to the people who really know. They can help finding the best tourist destinations, places to stay, rentals and much more because they are familiar with the local environment, and, during the trip they can stay connected. Our system is a revolutionary upgrade of the current travel review system that takes time and effort without the guarantee that you’re going to get it right. It’s a much more efficient and convenient way to customize trip experiences because everyone is different.” said Henry Pham, CEO of Kyzook.

Initially, Kyzook will focus on the fast-growing South East Asia tourism region (namely 8 countries: Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and the Maldives). Over 100 professionals from established travel partners are ready to answer questions and help travelers customize their trip with thousands of local destinations and attractions. Users can also customize one of a few popular trips carefully vetted per country, or connect with Kyzook area experts who can share their favorite spots.

Besides finding local experts to chat about the next trips, the Kyzook app also lets users share ideas, make new friends, and stay connected while traveling.  “People travel to gain new experiences, discover other cultures and interact with the world. But when they have to go through hell to achieve this, it kills the fun or at least reduces it. Kyzook is here to deliver all the fun for travelers and, at the same time, help them save energy, money and time,” said Pham.

About Kyzook

Kyzook is a full-fledged travel platform designed to ensure a quality beginning-to-end experience for travelers. It contains a mobile app with text chat, audio and video capabilities, access to local experts and millions of destinations, as well as on-the-ground services from Kyzook’s partners. For more information, please visit or watch their YouTube video.

Media Contact
Company Name: Kyzook Corporation
Contact Person: Henry Pham
Phone: 1-800-277-7180
Country: United States