San Diego Emergency Dentist Urges Consumers to Forgo Candy Canes This Holiday Season

Dr. Sonny Aryan Warns against the Consumption of Candy Canes and Other Hard Candies That Can Lead to Cavities and Chipped or Broken Teeth

SAN DIEGO, Calif. – Dr. Sonny Aryan, a leader among emergency dentists in San Diego, is urging consumers to make dental health a priority this holiday by forgoing candy canes and other hard candies. The popular holiday treat, and a staple in many American households during this time of year, is high in sugar and can lead to cavities. Additionally, chewing on candy canes and other hard holiday candies can also cause the teeth to chip or break.

“A dental emergency can ruin the holiday, so we’re cautioning families against eating candy canes and hard candy this season,” said Dr. Aryan, whose emergency dental clinic in San Diego has seen numerous incidents related to candy consumption. “Ideally, candy canes should be ornamental and decorative. If you want to make dental health a priority, find other treats and sweets that are less likely to wreak havoc on your teeth.”

Since Dr. Aryan began offering 24-hour emergency dental services in San Diego, his practice has treated patients suffering from a wide variety of issues, including severe toothache, tooth abscess, lost fillings or crowns, broken fillings, broken brace wires, loose braces, soft tissue injuries and more. Additionally, his practice is the premier choice locally for families that have suffered from a dental emergency related to a sports injury, accident or fall.      

“We always tell our patients that oral injuries should be treated by a dentist immediately,” said Dr. Aryan. “So if you are experiencing an oral injury or emergency this holiday season, whether it is a severe infection or abscess or an object trapped between the teeth, try to see a dentist within 30 minutes. It could make the difference between saving or losing a tooth.”

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