Don Pump Performance, LLC Is Proud To Announce The Introduction Of The Standardized Athletic Test® In Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii – 23/11/2016 – Those active in high school sports have long searched for an accurate and reliable way to gain an overview of their athletic capabilities. For teens participating in sports, evaluating this information is crucial in order to help them evolve both as athletes and as people.

Furthermore, testing one’s athletic capabilities provides insights to both coaches and college recruiters, who are eager to add the best high school prospects to their schools’ future rosters.

Teen athletes who are looking to secure an athletic scholarship, or pursue a professional career in their sport of choice, now have the opportunity undergo a thorough test, which will demonstrate their strengths and abilities, as well as showcase their potential.

Don Pump Performance, LLC (D.D.P.) is excited to be able to make the Standardized Athletic Test® available to student athletes across the Aloha State.

Of this exciting new venture, Coach Don Pump, owner and president of D.D.P., said “D.D.P. is committed to providing the most recent athlete evaluation methods and tests, which have been developed in accordance with the latest findings in sports science research”. He continued “Our ability to offer the Standardized Athletic Test® across Hawaii is yet another decisive step towards strengthening D.D.P.’s position as a leading service provider for aspiring and professional athletes, who are looking to perfect their skills and optimize their performance”.

The principles of the Standardized Athletic Test® are in line with D.D.P.’s philosophy, as they are meant to encourage high school athletes to not only excel in their sport, but also to develop a deep sense of self-confidence and self-esteem; and to believe in their abilities to achieve their goals and make their dreams become a reality.

D.D.P. is authorized to administer the test throughout the state of Hawaii, in sports combines and centers. The company hosts special test-day events, for both private and public sports organizations, as well as for all individuals interested in being evaluated for their capabilities through participating in a standardized, unbiased test.

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