Vacwel: The Secret to Safe Food Storing with Vacuum Seal Bags

Houston, TX, November 23, 2016 – Vacwel announce the launch of its new vacuum sealer bag for food, keeping food safe from bacteria and oxygen. The food vacuum sealer bags by Vacwel are available at super discounted prices now on for a limited time and includes free shipping for all Amazon prime members.  Vacwel have developed a premium quality vacuum food sealer bag that works perfectly for all types of clamp-style vacuum food sealing appliances.

They are sold in packs of 64, in Quart size and Ready to Use, making them a smart replacement for when old FoodSaver, Seal-A-Meal or VacMaster food sealer bags run low.

Oxygen oxidizes, which means it changes the chemistry, making things erode or degrade and it loves to do this to food. Oxygen also fuels bacteria; they are living organisms that depend on oxygen- without it they can not survive! What’s more, oxygen causes freezer burn. It does this by attracting moisture out of food, from the superficial parts initially and affecting deeper portions over time.

If you have a vacuum-clamp sealing machine, you want to purchase food vacuum bags that are compatible with the machine but that also are quality made to keep your food safe, poor plastic quality can leach into your food” said Allie Towgood, MSc (Nutrition and Dietetics).

According to Andrew (Vacwel Brand Owner),“Since Vacwel design and manufacture their vacuum sealer bags for food exclusively in the USA, not only can they be trusted for food safety, but their unique embossed design signifies maximum air extraction and a seamless vacstrip seal to lock in vital nutrients and tasty flavors.”

What also distinguishes the Vacwel food sealer bags is that they are 100 percent guaranteed to work well with all types of vacuum sealing machine. It is reported that “more than 95% of Vacuum sealer bags for food are imported from China”, for this reason Vacwel feels strongly about its premium quality alternative. “When it comes to food handling, we feel peoples’ health is too important. Our US standards repute far superior, so why take the risk?”

In terms of freshness, flavor and food quality it is reported that foods preserve for 5x as long using Vacwel seal a meal bags compared to conventional food storing methods. With these U.S. made vacuum seal bags, there should be no more food wastage and degradation. The quart sized pre-made bags are said to be the most convenient sized Food Saver bags available, perfect for buying food in bulk and freezer storing.

Vacwel Seal a Meal bags can also be cleaned and reused which is perfect if you are storing soups, broth or baby food. 

You can purchase 64 Vacwel quart size foodsaver bags for $13.95, a 52 percent discount. Vacwel have encased their food sealer bags with recyclable packaging so there is reduced environmental impact. Vacwel offers a customer satisfaction guarantee, so if you are not happy with their vacuum bags you can return them for a full refund.

About Vacwel

Vacwel has been one of the top manufacturers of vacuum food sealing bags for many years. The company prides itself on exceptionally high-quality, assertive in the fact that all materials and production is entirely United States based. The company has a 5-star rating on Amazon and their products have been ranked highly.

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