Barnacle Action Camera 2.0 now launches on Kickstarter

The popular Barnacle camera is now back with a bang on Kickstarter with enhanced features and newer updates in its version 2.0. The affordable action camera features a 4k resolution, is waterproof and is available at a super early bird price of $225 for the backers.

The compact camera is lightweight, durable and is suitable for the adventurers or anyone who likes to click flawless pictures in just one click. This camera is so strong that it can survive after being run over by a car.The use of advanced LINE-X coating gives this camera impeccable strength.  The new version also comes with a screw-on lens to protect the lens for underwater filming.

The Barnacle camera works in all kinds of situations owing to its super strength and waterproofing properties. It weighs slightly over 60 grams which makes it one of the lightest cameras with such advanced features. Because of its compact size, the user can mount it anywhere without worrying about the safety of anyone.

This camera can be used for cycling, skateboarding, hiking, skydiving, bungee jumping and many other adventure sports where the user needs a handy and compact camera which clicks amazing pictures without hindering their activity.

While skydiving, there will be no risk of the wires getting tangled or with skateboarding, there is no risk of an injury with the camera as it is highly compact in size. Unlike the other cameras and selfies sticks that are heavy in size, the Barnacle camera can fit into a purse or backpack easily and offers more portability while traveling.

This camera also makes a good option for motor racing as it can be safely mounted using a tape or Velcro for keeping it at theplace. The ultra high definition camera features a resolution of 4k and 2.5k. It can also be used in full HD and HD modes based on the requirements of the user. The camera can be used in thephoto, video and time lapse mode for capturing moments in action. The 1200 mA/H battery offers 2 hours HD recording. With a storage capacity of 64 GB micro SD card and high quality 166 FOV, F2.8, the user can click pictures like a pro.

Through the Kickstarter project, the backers can pre-order the camera for $225 and later on $250 which is much lesser than the estimated retail price. More information about the barnacle Camera 2.0 is available on

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