Making Christmas Merrier with NORAD and Google Santa Claus Tracker

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Making Christmas Merrier with Santa Tracker

With Christmas just around the corner, it is inevitable to wonder where Santa is. For every child around the world, Christmas and Santa cannot be separated, so are gifts. Gifts allow everyone to feel the Christmas season better. Who else is best to deliver your child’s presents? Santa Claus himself, of course.

To make the gift-giving season more exciting, the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) will track Santa for you. All throughout the year, NORAD concentrates on securing the US airspace. However, during Christmas season, they do an equally important job – that is to help children all around the world track Santa’s trip and pit stops.

Santa’s journey starts from the North Pole. His first stop will be the collection of islands in the Republic of Kiribati in the Pacific Ocean. From there, he will make his way to the west of the globe visiting Australia and New Zealand. There will also be pit stops along Asia and Africa before Santa heads to Europe, Canada, and the US.

However, NORAD website warns that Santa’s route is incredibly unpredictable as changes in the weather can affect it. You also need to make sure that your children are on their beds early as it seems that this is one of the factors why Santa changes his routes. Looking at the Santa Claus Tracker, it is likely that Santa will only get to visit houses and deliver presents when children are already asleep. You do not want to give Santa a hard time by changing his route often just because kids are not still on their beds.

You surely would not want to be Santa on Christmas Eve. Nobody can match all the work he does on this special day. On Christmas Eve, Santa can visit up to 390,000 homes every minute. That is 6,424 homes every second! He does all that just to make sure you get your Christmas presents. By the end of his trip, Santa will have to consume 71,764,000,000 calories, so prepare a low-calorie snack for him when he gets to your home. You would not want to add a lot to all that calories.

NORAD website will activate the NORAD Santa Tracker beginning 8AM GMT on December 24th. Santa begins his trip around the world on Christmas Eve to deliver the gifts to all nice children. The website is translated in seven languages. Children can also track Santa as he makes his way around the world by downloading Google Santa Tracker app on their mobile phones and tablets. You can see Santa’s location and where he has been around the world.

Although NORAD can’t show every single one of Santa’s pit stops and exactly where he is, they can help you track him as he makes his unbelievable journey.

About Santa Tracker is a website dedicated to help children (and adults alike) around the world track Santa’s whereabouts on this special day. They work tirelessly to make your Christmas a little bit merrier and nicer.

You can send them an e-mail at for more details, or you can send Santa a message through their website to receive an instant reply.

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