Michele Kleiman Announces New Website for Children’s Neurology Services

Michele Kleiman is the amazing director of Children’s Neurology Services, and she is proud to announce the launch of a new website on behalf of the organization.

Middletown, CTMichele Kleiman is the amazing director of Children’s Neurology Services, and she is proud to announce the launch of a new website on behalf of the organization. The new website will help her organization reach out to more patients. The Mammoth Group was commissioned to create the website and according to Michele, they couldn’t have done a better job.

One spokesperson for Children’s Neurology Services – Eugene – says, “We are very proud to announce that The Mammoth Group has finalized creating, designing and developing our new website. The project has taken a lot of work but has been well worth it. Through the new website, parents can learn more about what we do at Children’s Neurology Services and understand how we strive to improve the lives of children.”

The newly launched website is a library of information. It is a wonderful resource for all parents who need to learn more about the neurology services that are available to their children. The website enables the parents of patients to plan ahead and know what to expect at the center during their first and all subsequent appointments with Dr. Michele Kleiman. The Mammoth Group, which specializes and excels in website design, did a highly commendable job.

The new website is more user-friendly and is also a mobile friendly website that clients can access through their mobile devices easily. The website allows patients to learn more about Dr. Michele Kleiman and the team of children’s health professional with whom she collaborates to ensure that her patients get the best service. The website summarizes all the 25 years of experience she has of treating and caring for children in a single platform.

The Mammoth Group is a specialist in Internet marketing. Therefore, by creating and launching the new website for Children’s Neurology Services and Michele Kleiman, the Group’s desire is to make the organization visible to more clients. Its goal is to make it easier for prospective patients to find the organization on search engines and get the quality assistance or health care needed to help loved ones recover and be in good health.

For more information on the newly launched website, contact Children’s Neurology Services. Also, consider getting in touch with The Mammoth Group to benefit from the services of this team of highly talented and experienced website design and internet marketing professionals to build a similar website for any organization. Visit the website to learn how to book an appointment with the center for any child in need of proper neurological examination, and let this be proof that The Mammoth Group and Children’s Neurology Services are names that can be trusted.


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