Tobris moved from Australia to The Netherlands, New Exciting Products To Launch Soon.

In a recent announcement, the developers of Tobris My Travels Tree travel souvenir collection revealed that the company has begun a new chapter in their journey by moving from Australia to the Netherlands, it was also announced that Tobris will be expanding the range of products from travel to golf and marathon memorabilia.

The founder and the owner of the TOBRIS My Travels Tree store, loves traveling and has a serious case of wanderlust, after being to places around the world, witnessing and experiencing many beautiful and interesting things and also creating precious memories. The recent announcement made by the company regarding their move halfway across the world will be an exciting new journey all about broadening horizons and new adventures which the company is all about. The My Travel Tree is perfect for anyone who loves to travel, because its award-winning concept and design allows people to preserve and display their travel memories, due  to its amazing capability to grow as new travel destination are added.

The spokesperson for Tobris said: “Tobris is a quirky and personalised gift that highlights your experiences cleverly and makes them easy to share with others – it truly is one of the more unique and creative travel souvenir ideas. While you may leave a place behind, those cherished memories will live on with each and every signpost added. The perfect gift for travellers.”

Inspired by people’s passion to explore the world and travel to places around the world Tobris was set up by a team of artisans and share a travel souvenir  idea that will speak to travelers all around the world.

The spokesperson further said: “Tobris My Travels Tree is an exciting new and original concept that captures your travel memories, keeping them easily within your view. In doing this, Tobris keeps the spirit of your adventures alive, long after you’ve arrived back home. A creative award winning gift.”

Tobris won a design award in 2015 and that it has just been invited to join the invite-only community of HANDMADE at Amazon.

Another exciting development in Tobris is the expansion of their product line that will now grow from the original My Travel Tree which focused on different travel destinations to to golf and marathon memorabilia. The company is excited to add golfers and marathon runners to their list of clients.

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