New Release of Eco Kids Time Travelers Series from a Team of Scientists from the future

London, UK- 23 Nov. 2016- From the team-up of renowned scientists from the future, who are working in synergy to make the world a better place, the animation company is releasing a trailer video preceding the initial episode that they intend to fully backup and get funded through the Kickstarter funding. With the current Eco challenges, they intend to make a full awareness of the impending disaster which might be eminent in 2300, With the introduction of Eco Kids time travelers 3D animation, they are not just producing this as one of the conventional methods of commanding awareness, but they make sure they have the best partners to work with, a partnership with an animation company based in London and Bangkok.

An Excerpt from the EpisodeIt’s gusty in the fore boring sky and grey doom-laden clouds a stunning great hurricane in the making, as far as the eye can see and it seems to be heading towards a group of tiny islands in the equally grey ocean.. We zoom in one of these islands … one they have been named Sydney 21… But what we at first thought was an island is in fact A MASSIVE FLOATING CITY”. The animated video has a minimum running time of 22 minutes, intended as a half hour time slot targeted to be featured on mainstream television. According to this animation, the five major characters are respectable men and women in the science world tagged the ‘Eco saviours” who have to travel back to a time in their past and our present by a submarine time machine to prevent humanity from its self-destruction pattern currently embarked on.

Who are they? the team consists of renowned world scientist: Dr. Max Vogel, a German scientist; Miss Kiki J Strawton, the wife of the deceased US billionaire; Sir Charles Fawcett-Scott, a biologist; Dr. Ling, scientist and celebrity from China; professor Harry J Patel, a respected botanist and graduate of Oxford. These group of people come from different regional parts of the world to form a coalition.

A brief look at the timeline of this project shows that the project funding has started which is available through the Kickstarter page and is scheduled to run for 28 more days, with a total budget of £35,000 to be raised by 21 December 2016, after which the animation will take roughly 6 months to produce, which is July 2017. Plans also on the way if another £15,000 can be raised this will be used to develop a mobile app that teaches children about the environment, what and how, of the environment. With project backing level ranging from one to nine, different perks are offered to the backers.

Media Contact
Company Name: Make Believe Productions Ltd (UK)
Contact Person: Alex Shaida
Phone: +44 7557 275536
Address:London, UK & Bangkok, Thailand
Country: United Kingdom