This is Ludicrous! Old Country by PDS

New Album ‘G-Tracks’ are available for download now on iTunes

The just released compilation, titled Old Country, on iTunes, Amazon and other major digital retailers. The album’s songwriter, PDS, recorded the tracks around the unified theme of the simple yet complicated life of being a country singer songwriter then known as ‘Spence’. Listeners will feel moved in every kind of way that good country music should: love, laughter, community, and belief in something bigger than one’s self all come together to make one of the most unique and treasured albums of 2016.

PDS first became interested in country music in the 1990s, getting hooked on the new wave of contemporary artists such as Garth Brooks, Vince Gill, Terry Clark, and more. Soon after PDS began joining various country music professional organizations and began networking with triple A names in the industry, including Glen Campbell. Taking great inspiration from the work of Campbell, PDS began forging his own sounds under his own banner, and soon had enough recordings 18 of which he put together a full-length album, the product of which is Old Country.

Tragically, the tracks featured in Old Country were all tossed aside at one point or another in PDS career, and only recently has he dug them out to sharpen the sound and message in commemoration of those who helped him get his start in this business.

Gratitude Tracks are available starting today; the full album to be release December 14th 2016. Songs to played over HNA Network and some AM-FM stations. To request play at your local radio and provide program director or DJ “Old Country by PDS” PDS Entertainment LLC (ASCAP).

Release Dates: Pre-Order, Purchase Instant Gratification Tracks-Previews Start Date 11/21/2016 and Album Sales Start Date 12/14/2016. The Instant Gratification Tracks are Lies Interlude, Work Is Work, Love Love Love, His Love Will Sustain, As the Boy.

Those interested can sample and purchase the album at iTunes here:

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