Divide And Conquer With Kitchen Lovers’ Utensil Organizer

A budding new brand, Kitchen Lovers, has just launched the ultimate bamboo drawer organizer, combining form and function in perfect harmony.

Nov 23, 2016 – Utensil organizers have been quickly integrated into almost every kitchen and when it comes to kitchen aids the professionals recommend that chefs spare nothing. The logic behind this advice is rooted in the sheer amount of use any kitchen will receive. With respect to non-cookers the Kitchen Lovers Bamboo Utensil Organizer will still become integrated into the life of the user as quick utensil access is a luxury even for takeout meals.

Kitchen Lovers’ goal is to ensure their bamboo utensil organizer is perfect for anyone. To achieve this they have tested a variety of sizes to find a design that is fully adaptable. The organizer is 17.7 x 12.5 to 17.5  x 1.95 inches. By allowing the width to be adjustable through sliding extendable panels the Kitchen Lovers Bamboo Utensil Organizer can transform for any drawer. Additionally the sectional divisions are crafted to hold any selection of utensils from whisks to chopsticks.


Kitchen Lovers is a promising young brand that was started with pride and perfection at its core. To represent these goals Kitchen Lovers has elected to use the ethically-sourced, elegant bamboo as the material of choice. As a result the Kitchen Lovers organizer is sturdier than ever, resisting any dents, kicks, or other damage. A side benefit of using bamboo is the eco-friendly aspect. Bamboo is easily grown on large masses of land and can a single stock grow up to 5 feet in a year. This ease along with renewability allows bamboo to be completely green. Finally the display of bamboo is affordable while providing a bold look to guest, friends, and family.

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