Concrete Countertops are Gaining Popularity in Washington DC

Concrete countertops are the rage in Washington DC. This information is common knowledge with one of the top countertop manufacturers in the area – OE Concrete Design.

Ellicott City, MD – Concrete countertops are the rage in Washington DC. This information is common knowledge with one of  the top countertop manufacturers in the area – OE Concrete Design. The increased and ever-growing demand for concrete countertops has enabled OE Concrete Design, a division of Oertel Engels Concrete, to expand rapidly while continuing to provide their much sought after services not only Washington DC but also Maryland and Virginia too.

According to John Oertel of OE Concrete Design, “We have experienced a growing demand for concrete countertops in Washington DC. We are, therefore, doing everything possible to meet this growing demand. Our fabrication shop provides custom concrete countertops, sinks, wall panels and vessels for commercial and residential properties.”

Modern kitchens are different in many ways from traditional ones. The presence of concrete countertops is unique and custom. The custom concrete market has expanded due to new materials such as GFRC, which is Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete. GFRC is much lighter and more durable than the original concrete countertops. As a result the options are greater. GFRC has opened a market providing commercial and residential customers with alternatives to granite and marble.

The fact the modern concrete countertops are enhanced with Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete (GFRC), not only makes them lighter and more durable but also increases their versatility. It is possible to make any type of countertop better withy GFRC Concrete. O & E provides Concrete Design consulting and fabrication for architects, designers, General Contractors, commercial users and home owners.

OE Concrete Design is renowned for using the latest technology in making custom concrete countertops. They use the same technology in making some of the best custom wall panels, sinks, and different elements needed luxury homes. Due to the light weight of GFRC, countertops, sinks and various elements can be built to customer specifications and shipped regionally and nationally..

For more information about OE Concrete Design Countertops, contact the company to learn about the qualities and features that have created a trend where concrete countertops are the rage in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia. The contact information needed to use in communicating with the company is published below. Contact OE Concrete Design for quotes or consultation for any concrete countertop project. Revamping kitchen countertops with brand new concrete counters is a great way to modernize it completely and add a little something to the whole room while being practical.


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