TOT Internet Technology Ltd provides hosting and domain name registration services

TOT Internet Technology Ltd offers top graded web hosting solutions for strengthening the domestic network of China. It thoroughly guards the privacy of clients.

Many commercial organizations are in need of advanced web hosting solutions to ensure greater visibility and accessibility of their websites in different platforms and web browsers. There are many organizations that offer tailor-made hosting services to clients at suitable prices. TOT Internet Technology Ltd is one such organization that is specialized in providing varieties of hosting solutions to meet the diverse needs and expectations of customers. The agency is committed to help thousands of enterprises to get unimpeded network without compromising privacy. It is entirely focused on providing excellent products with reliable safety and efficient operational services for users. At present this agency has provided basic information application services for more than 500,000 enterprises, institutions, and, individual users.TOT Internet Technology Limited

The firm provides domain registration services in 120 countries with more than 60 available extensions. It usually registers and sponsors top-level domains such as .com, .net, and .org. It is a well-known domain registrar of Asia and serves countries like Japan, India, Taiwan, Singapore etc. All registrations include free URL forwarding, free e-mail forwarding, free domain parking, and free record management. It also offers trustee, brand registration, and company formation services required for some country extensions. The company has greatly simplified the formalities and procedures for domain name registrations. With a powerful domain name management system, the first domestic NDNS service implementation provides more than 20 kinds of strong management function such as intelligent analysis of double IP point, MX mail records, and freedom to modify the IP point and so on.

The agency devotes itself to the long-term painstaking research and development of virtual host technique of superior standard. It provides comprehensive support through its website that include ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, PERL, CGI, and all kinds of database virtual host to provide domestic double mainframe, telecommunications host, CND host and so on. It also helps enterprises one-step from domain name registration, leased mainframe, website development to the complex process of the final release site. It has also created a self-help station system by virtue of years of internet enterprises and the construction site service experience, in-depth analysis of site requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises based on the user. has also developed a SMS platform that can quickly send information so as to improve the work efficiency for smooth business transactions. It is an advanced communication that helps in building proper message communication between the enterprise and the customers. It always takes part in various network business negotiations and Internet Intellectual Property Network on behalf of clients.

About TOT Internet Technology Limited

TOT Internet Technology Ltd, established in 2008, is specialized in providing one-stop web hosting solutions of different types. It thoroughly takes care of the business requirements of customers. To know more, customers can visit website of this agency.

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