PicoZip Releases In-Depth Guide to iPhone 7’s New Features

San Jose, CA—The release of Apple’s latest smartphone, the iPhone 7, has just about everyone wondering whether the upgrade is worth the price tag. The highly anticipated phone received some backlash earlier this year when it was announced that the company would be eliminating the headphone jack, but nevertheless crowded lines formed outside of Apple stores nationwide in anticipation for the product’s release. In response to the high demand for product information, several amateur reviews have popped up around the internet; but no guide, however, is as in-depth and knowledgeable as PicoZip’s latest Guide to the iPhone 7. 

Many consider iPhones to set industry standards for their innovative technologies and user-friendly interfaces, which become more advanced with each upgrade. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, however, may feature the biggest improvements in design and functionality than any upgrade yet. Because of these major changes, everyone from tech nerds to everyday smartphone users have been searching for an expert opinion on the iPhone’s latest features.

Fortunately, PicoZip has answered the call, with a comprehensive guide to the iPhone 7. PicoZip is an online technology blog that covers everything from current gadgets to future technologies, offering honest reviews and product descriptions. What truly makes PicoZip stand out from other tech sites, however, is Alex Pico Zapata himself—who happens to be a software engineer and programmer. PicoZip’s grasp of technology is evident as the author breaks down the science behind the iPhone 7’s latest features in a way that is almost easy enough for your grandma to understand.

In PicoZip’s guide to the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, http://picozip.com/iphone-7-guide, the author compliments the phone for its advanced camera technology, better battery life, new taptic engine, and waterproof casing. PicoZip is also not alone in raving about the device’s A10 processor—the best processor available for smartphones to date. Though the author admits that the missing headphone jack is a bit of an inconvenience, he still gives the product a favorable rating.

Amongst iPhone 7 reviews, PicoZip’s guide is one of the most trustworthy and thorough sources due to the author’s expertise and passion for technology. When asked about the goals of his blog posts, Alex Pico Zapata responded that his website always aims to “teach its readers something new.” PicoZip appears to have upheld this objective so far, accumulating a loyal following of subscribers, some of whom have been following PicoZip’s advice since the author’s early programming forum days.

The outstanding response to PicoZip’s expertise encouraged the blogger to start his own website, which continues to increase in popularity. Thanks to PicoZip, gadget lover’s never again have to wonder whether a 12-year old amatuer is on the other side of a technology forum, as they now have access to the bloggers reliable and adept reviews.

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