Bowden Street Automotive Is Now Offering Winter Brake Repair Specials

Winter is just around the corner – a great time to ensure the maintenance of the car is up to date. Once the weather changes and the driving conditions are getting slippery, having the tires, driveline, shocks and drive of the car in top shape could make the difference. This is the main reason why Bowden Street Automotive is launching their Winter Brake Repair Service for those car owners who are concerned about the performance of their car during the winter season.

On icy and wet roads, it important to have breaks, which are in good working order. When the brakes of the car are beginning to grind of squeak, or when the brake warning light was lit up on your dash, Bowden Street Automotive can help. Most of the times, changing the pads will restore the stopping power of the car and pedal feel. Often, new motors are required. Either way, Bowden Street Automotive has affordable brake options and experienced technicians to help you keep you on the road during the winter season. 

They also provide parts for DIY types, and even used and new tires, engine repair, transmission repair and oil changes. Along with winter on its way, ensure your car is ready to stay on the move. Bowden Street Automotive provides excellent prices on every maintenance a car owner needs and get them and their wheels throughout the winter. As a one-stop-shop, they do body work too.

It’s essential to keep an eye on the state of the brake of the vehicle throughout each season of the year, and most importantly throughout the winter months. Winter brake care is crucial so the car can rough the weathered roads and get one safely from one point to the other. Now, car owners can get their cars ready for the winter season by just visiting Bowden Street Automotive. All auto and brake repairs are done as per the car manufacturer’s recommendations. Bowden Street Automotive is the best place to bring every one’s vehicle for their winter brake special and auto repair needs

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